5 Free Board Games Arena Games to play with upto 10 people online

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Board games are always a good option for group fun, with types of games to please everyone and all ages. On the Board Game Arena website, you can still enjoy these games with others, even from a distance.

The site offers dozens of titles to be used via the Internet, without the need for face-to-face meetings and the best: free. Check out some tips.

Board Games

How to play at the Board Game Arena

Although free of charge, the Board Game Arena requires a quick registration, which can be done with your social networks. Just access the website: boardgamearena.com

It also requires a small setting of initial preferences, you can choose whether to play casually or for ranking; and even if you prefer real-time or non-synchronous turn-based matches – in this case, the site will let you know when a new move occurs.

Finally, it is also necessary to define whether you want to play only with friends, who are on your contact list, or with everyone – players you do not know and who also use the site, from any country. If you don’t know the rules of any game, don’t despair: the site offers instruction manuals for each one.

After that, just choose your game in the top menu of the site and have fun, with whoever you are and according to your preferences. Oh, and it’s worth making it clear: the Board Game Arena is a 100% legal site. The games offered here are not pirated versions, but licensed by their manufacturers.

For this reason, some Board Game Arena games are only available to those who pay for the site’s Premium account, which is optional and costs $2/month per month. But in the following list I will suggest only board games that are accessible to free users.

Come on!

Catch 6

Catch 6 is a German creation game for up to 10 participants in the same match. Each session lasts up to 20 minutes and its complexity is low.

In the rules, the player must choose cards in the hand that score according to what is on the table, forming rows of six. It’s fun, fast and challenging.


Hanabi has a strong inspiration in Japanese customs, it is for up to five participants, with matches that do not last more than 15 minutes. The rules are simple: each player has cards in his hand that represent different colored fireworks.

However, you do not see your own hand, only your friends, who need to give indirect tips on which card you need to play on the table to form a set of colors and score. It is a cooperative game.


Tanenoko is another game that is inspired by Japanese culture, but is aimed at up to four participants, lasting about 40 minutes. The game this time is competitive and puts players in the role of gardeners in an imperial temple.

The mission is to grow bamboos so that they grow and add points. It is necessary to place pieces to irrigate your land and make the plantation prosper.

Colt Express

Colt Express is a competitive game for up to six participants, with medium matches, lasting up to 30 minutes. Players control bandits in the Wild West, who need to assault a train but are always on the lookout for the Sheriff’s threat.

It has a nice look, with a 3D train and pieces that move throughout the structure.

Trough The Ages

Trough The Ages is the heaviest game on this list of nominations. Their matches can last more than two hours and the table can hold up to four participants.

The rules are very complex and it is necessary to read the entire manual to understand, but the objective is simple to explain: you control a nation that needs to develop over several ages. Actions and resources are made with letters, representing people and historical facts.

Finally, don’t forget that these are just a few of the modern games available at the Board Game Arena. The site has hundreds of titles, including classic games such as ChessCheckersBackgammon and Hearts.