How to bookmark tweets to read later and where they are

Twitter has an own resource bookmark able to save tweets to see after. Therefore, you no longer need to favor or enjoy a tweet (which could mean endorsement) to read a link afterwards or save this post to your personal archive.

The feature is already available in Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) applications and also the Web. The button, however, may seem a bit hidden. As Twitter has put all sharing actions in one place, it is sometimes ignored.

How to bookmark tweets to read later and where they are
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To save a tweet, just click on the sharing icon below the tweet and select “Save Tweet”. To find it later, go to “Saved Items” in your profile menu. Only you have access to your Saved Items and you can delete them.

Saving tweets to read later

  1. On a Tweet, touch the Share icon; It is currently the last one on the list. On Android there is the popular Share icon. In the Web and iOS version, the button is a box with an up arrow.
  2. Select Save Tweet.

Accessing Saved Tweets

  1. To view your saved tweets:
  2. Touch “Saved items” in the menu of your profile icon;

To remove a saved item, tap the tweet share icon again using the “Saved Items” timeline and select the “Remove Tweet from Saved Items” button.

Twitter did not say whether there is a limit to the total tweets saved in an account. Saved tweets are synchronized between devices and can be accessed anywhere you are connected. The feature is available globally on Twitter for iOS, Android, Twitter Lite, and also on (web version).

You can save a tweet with a live video to watch later, include a sequence of tweets (a thread) to saved items for easy access to information when you need or save tweets that have important links.

Note that the platform saves the full tweet, not just the links or the media. If the author deletes the tweet itself, this post also adds to its “Saved Items”.

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