How to make drafts on Twitter and find them later

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The Twitter app for Android and iOS (iPhone) has a feature called “Draft. This allows you to start editing a tweet and then finish it later. Posting at some more timely time. It is in the drafts section that there are also tweets that have not been published for some reason. Learn how to make drafts on Twitter and find later when you want to send them to the microblog.

How to make drafts on Twitter and find them later

How to make a draft on Twitter (Android and iOS)

  1. Start typing your tweet normally on your phone;
  2. Touch the “X” or “Cancel” as if you were to close it;
  3. You’ll see the option to “Save as Draft” or “Delete.”

How to access your saved drafts on Twitter

On Android:

  1. Go to your profile and touch the menu icon (three dots);
  2. Then select the “Drafts” option;
  3. View the list with all your saved drafts.

On Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad):

You can also access your drafts by tapping the edit tweets box and the “Drafts” icon inside it. The icon will only appear when you have drafts.

Can I see the drafts of Twitter on the PC?

No. The feature since it was released is only available in Android and iOS apps (iPhone and iPad). This is because the drafts are saved in the memory used by the Twitter application on the device. Drafts I saved on Android did not show up on the iPhone, and vice versa. Drafts are not sent to the cloud.

Twitter does not tell you whether there is a time limit for tweets in the draft to expire, from my experience they do not expire. There are all the tweets I stopped writing in the middle or I went offline. They also did not disappear when I cleared the app cache. You can always delete a draft, of course. Just select and touch the Recycle Bin.

If you need to access drafts on the Web (yours or your team) you can use Hootsuite, which allows you to save and run drafts of all social networks compatible with the platform, including Twitter, in your browser, as long as they are created in Hootsuite.

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