Bot Fortnite: how to recognize them?

How to recognize Fortnite bots? Fortnite: with the arrival of the bots the players cannot understand if they are playing against real people. Here’s how to discover bots

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Recognize bots on Fortnite

As you have surely noticed if you are a Fortnite player, for some time now the bots have been coming into this part of the game to fight among the real players.

The announcement of the arrival of the bots was given in advance by the developers, well before the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2, but now the virtual characters guided by artificial intelligence have officially arrived inside the game and mix quietly among the players real creating no small confusion.

There is a problem in fact in all this: now users cannot distinguish a bot from a human being.

If you too, while playing Fortnite, cannot understand if you killed (or were killed by) a real player or a bot, or simply want to understand if you are challenging real people or artificial intelligence, in this article I will try to help you reach your goal.

First, however, let’s try to understand why the bots came into the game.

Why bots on Fortnite?

First of all it is worth noting that according to Epic the bots were introduced in “regulated” quantities in the games, mixing with the other players without unbalancing the balance.

In particular, players guided by artificial intelligence would come into the game with the aim of balancing matchmaking based on the average skill level of the lobby.

Too bad that, as anticipated, now the players are unable to understand if the large number of opponents killed is given by their ability or because in that game there were characters guided by artificial intelligence.

And if you want to try to recognize the bots on Fortnite, I’ll try to help you later.

How to distinguish bots on Fortnite

It is really difficult to recognize the bots inside Fortnite because, as anticipated, they mix perfectly with all the other real users.

It is impossible to distinguish a bot from a real player in Fortnite using the name: bots are present in games with names that could be absolutely real for a human player.

It is impossible to discover the bots inside Fortnite also by analyzing their movements, killings and the behavior in play. In fact, even from this point of view, bots behave exactly like real players, without major differences.

So is there no way to unmask the bots in Fortnite?

Apparently a way to understand if a character is a bot or not there is: a user points out that in the rank screen, the characters led by the AI ​​have the word “Invalid” beside it, thus making it impossible to view their profiles.

The theory is to be confirmed, but at the moment it is the only way we can use to try to unmask the “fake” players guided by artificial intelligence within the game.

And what do you think about the arrival of the bots in Fortnite? Are you in favor or against their presence in the matches?

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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