How to view Instagram photos without creating an account

See Instagram without registration: here’s how. Want to watch Instagram without an account? In this guide, I’ll explain how to do it quickly and easily 

How to view Instagram photos without creating an account

How to search for people on Instagram without being registered

New day, new guide on Teknologya dedicated to the social network Instagram.

Today, in particular, we will understand how to view photos, videos and profiles of Instagram users without being registered and without having an account.

Instagram login to continue

You have probably noticed that, if you try to access the official Instagram site and look for the photos and videos of a particular user, after a while a message appears asking you to register an Instagram account or to log in to Instagram to continue your search.

Something like this to understand:

In the past everyone could go to the official Instagram site and search for any public user, see his photos and videos without any limitations and above all without registration and without account.

Recently, however, things have changed and now it is necessary to have an Instagram account to view photos and videos of registered users and registered on the social network.

This has destabilized many users, especially those who until recently used Instagram without having to register to watch photos and videos of other people. And so researches on how to get around this new Instagram block/limitation have gone crazy.

If you also need guidance on how to search for people on Instagram without being registered and without an account, below you will find everything you need to reach your goal.

That said, let’s not get lost in small talk and start with the guide!

How to enter Instagram without registering

As we have already said, it is no longer possible to see Instagram without registration, or at least this is how things are on the official website of the social network. But there are various solutions to get around this problem.

All you need to do to keep seeing Instagram without registration and without an account is:

  • go to one of these sites: SITE 1 – SITE 2ThePicGram
  • type in the search bar the name of the user or person you want to search on Instagram
  • start the search and wait for the search results to appear
  • select the user of your interest
  • watch his Instagram photos and videos without account or registration

And here, as if by magic, I could see all the photos and videos uploaded on Instagram by that person and without them known.

For each post you can see any description, number of comments and even the number of Likes and Likes, which have been hidden in the official Instagram app for a few months now.

See Instagram stories without being seen

Unfortunately these tools DO NOT allow you to see stories on Instagram without being seen. But if you want to do that, don’t despair: we have written another article that explains how to view Instagram stories without being known in total anonymity.

Get private Instagram profiles without being registered

Unfortunately, these tools that I have reported do not give the possibility to see photos and videos published by users who have Private profile on Instagram.

In this regard, however, we have published a detailed guide that you can find here: How to view private profiles on Instagram without following them?


I am convinced that thanks to our practical indications you will be able to see and watch all the Instagram profiles that interest you without an account and without registering.

For any doubt or question, leave a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

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