How to download Adobe Photoshop CC Portable for free?

Need to download Adobe Photoshop CC to use it on any PC without installation? Here is Portable Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

How to install fonts in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Portable


No denying it: despite the many free alternatives (both online and offline), Adobe Photoshop is still today one of the best programs for editing photographs, adding effects and generally doing advanced operations on images.

Indeed, despite the rather high price,  Photoshop is still today the most widespread program in the world for the management and above all the editing of images and photographs by computer, probably thanks to the many features offered and the constant improvements that are introduced over time by the company Adobe.

As you surely know, however, to work properly Adobe Photoshop CC must not only be regularly purchased  (via monthly or annual subscription), but must also be installed on the computer on which it is used.

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The only alternative to using Adobe Photoshop CC without installing it is to use Adobe Photoshop Online, the web version of Adobe Photoshop CC that offers online access to all the suite’s tools (upon payment of monthly or annual subscription ) without having to download and install anything on your computer. Too bad that the web version of Adobe Photoshop CC leaves a lot to be desired, both without many of the important functions that we find in the PC version and in general is very, too limited.

However, today these are the only two official ways to use Adobe Photoshop CC on Windows PC.

Use Adobe Photoshop CC without installing it

In this article, however, I present to you a third one, which perhaps not everyone knows but which turns out to be very, very valid and interesting.

In fact, by using a PORTABLE version of Adobe Photoshop CC you can bring this photo editing program with you, perhaps on a USB stick or external hard drive, and use it on any PC and any computer without installation.

Whether you are at work, at university, at school or anywhere else, with Adobe Photoshop CC PORTABLE you can open, edit, beautify and manage your photos and images in the best possible way. And, as anticipated, you can do everything without downloading or installing anything.

These are the advantages offered by Adobe Photoshop CC Portable, an already active program, fully functional and immediately ready for use.

And the nice thing is that to use Adobe Photoshop CC PORTABLE you will only need:

  • download the file (further links)
  • extract on USB key or hard disk (or on your PC)
  • launch Adobe Photoshop CC PORTABLE on any PC or Windows computer

All for free, in just a few clicks and without having to activate anything. Even if you are an inexperienced user, you will be able to use Adobe Photoshop CC PORTABLE without any problems or difficulties.

Fantastic, right? How do you say? Do you want to try using Adobe Photoshop CC Portable now? Here is everything you need.

Download Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Portable

First of all, here are the links to download Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Portable.


  • go HERE or HERE
  • go to the end of the post where there are various download links on different file hosting sites, as in the image

Hosting sites for Adobe Photoshop 2019 Portable

  • choose from which file hosting site to download ( all parts must be downloaded, should be 4 in total )
  • when the download is complete, extract the download archive on the desktop and open the “part01” directly

That’s it, now you have correctly downloaded and extracted Photoshop CC PORTABLE. But how do you use it? Even easier.

How to use Photoshop CC 2019 Portable?

You simply have to:

  • download Photoshop CC 2019 Portable from the proposed links (I assume you have already done it)
  • extract it on the desktop
  • copy it to your hard drive, USB stick or wherever you want
  • start it and use it with a click

Nothing simpler, no activation required.

What version of Photoshop CC do I find in this file?

At the moment the program is updated to version

In case of future updates, we will update the article to always offer you the latest release.

Doubts or questions?

Leave a comment at the end of the article, we will reply as soon as possible.


  • This Guide is written for illustrative purposes only, to explain to users that the Portable version of this program exists and how to download/install it on their own computers
  • The download links were NOT uploaded by Teknologya, but found with a simple Google search, which could be done by any other user by going to the popular search engine
  • I don’t know if this version of the program is legal or not. In doubt I advise you to use it
  • If you follow the guide, assume all the responsibilities of the case for problems or consequences of any kind. As already mentioned, if you don’t want to take any risks, buy the regular license of the original program

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