Brand the post-millennial generation right through TikTok video marketing

Make no mistake. The millennial generation has made Instagram the runaway social media juggernaut that it is. In between the Generation X and the Millennial Generation, Facebook and Youtube have become social media institutions that are here to stay.

Given the generational dynamics of social media popularity, it is no surprise that the TikTok video platform has really captured the generation that came after the millennials. Maybe it has something to do with the fast-paced action. Maybe it has something to do with the temporary nature of the videos that proliferate on that website. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that people has very short attention spans which is absolutely perfect for 25-second video clips.

Regardless of how you cut it and regardless of when you can pin it down into a more precise form, there’s just something about TikTok that has captured the imagination of a whole generation. This is not just some sort of broad social commentary. Please understand that TikTok is not just some sort of novelty that marketers could enjoy, but not really use.

Make no mistake. If you want to brand your business and if you want to do it the cheap way, TikTok is probably the only game in town. I know that’s kind of a bold claim, but hear me out.

The truth is if you’re really serious about mounting a comprehensive social media marketing campaign, you better have a lot of money. That’s the bottom line.  Because producing 5-minute or 10-minute or even 20-minute videos for YouTube can get very prohibitive. You may be thinking to yourself that you’re just going to be using those whiteboard animation tools or you’re just going to be using simple scripts and templates. But even the costs involved with that kind of production can quickly blow up.

Also, please understand that you are at the mercy of your target audience on YouTube. If they prefer live-action or if they prefer some sort of a very expensive type of animation, you’re stuck. This is not the case with TikTok. Because when people go on TikTok, they expect really short videos.

These videos are not all that well made. In fact, a lot of the video quality is rather poor. But people go on TikTok not because they want to be impressed by the latest and greatest in video wizardry and technological excellence. Instead, they are looking for something organic.

They’re looking for an authentic look at the slice in the life of the person who made the video. This opens the door to a tremendous amount of opportunities for businesses, such as yours, that may not have a big marketing budget. You can produce video after video for the consumption of users on TikTok as you try to figure out which particular type of video, as well as which type of content would resonate the most on people who are interested in your niche in that platform.

Is this easy? Or course, not. Is this going to happen overnight? Forget about it. But it’s definitely worth doing. And the best part to all of this is that because it’s so cheap, you have a lot of room to play and experiment until you find your voice in this really dynamic and fast-growing platform. If you’re serious about branding the post-millennial generation, you can’t find a better place than TikTok. Invest in getting likes for your TikTok videos and start growing an organic following. With enough TikTok social proof, you might end up owning the next hot microvideo brand.

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