Record your screen on Android, Windows, macOS or iOS

Want to learn how to record your computer or mobile screen quickly and easily without installing any third party other programs? So check out a walkthrough for the major devices.

How to record your screen on Android, Windows, macOS or iOS

Recording the screen on a Windows computer

Many do not know, but you can record your computer screen without downloading any kind of program.

The function is a bit hidden but simple. Just open the Xbox app, which is already installed on your computer, hit the “Windows” + “G” keys and click the “Yes, it’s a game” option. Then select the option to start recording or the “Windows” + “Alt” + “R” keys to start or end your recording.

Screen Recording from a Mac

On iOS computers, it’s even easier to record your screen. If you are using the latest Mojave software version, simply select the “Shift” + “?” + “5” keys.

You can then control captures and set whether you want to record the entire screen or a specific window or area. If you have an earlier version, the Quicktime Player application, which is already installed, has the same functions.

Recording on your iOS mobile device

On both iPad and iPhone you can record your screen very simply. Go to “Settings”, “Control Centre and Controls” and then check “Screen Recording”.

Then when you want to record your smartphone screen, just swipe up and select “Record” to get started.

Screen Recording on  Android

Android Q has its own button to record the screen. You can enable this feature by enabling “developer mode” and authorizing it. To use, just hold the power button until the options appear.

For those who do not have the Q version but have an older version of Android, you can save your games with its own Google Play Games function that appears on screen.

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