How to build an ASO strategy like a pro?

In the crowded app market, it is very important to develop your unique strategy to stand out in the competition. Your app should be visible to your potential users, and it is not an easy thing to achieve. You have to design innovative ways to design and develop your app by building strong configurations. So, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind to develop your strategy.

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App store optimization or ASO, in short, is itself an organic component which increases your visibility and ranking in the app store. So you have to use the correct metrics and algorithms to stay relevant in the market. You need to rewrite your metadata to stay relevant in the market. Here some basic tips you need to keep in mind while designing your ASO:

ASO is important for every developer

Building a strong ASO helps you to drive your traffic and increase your conversion rate. You can also cut down on your cost through this process. You also need to know about your audience you want to cater to. Unfortunately, most developers seem to fall flat in this regard. Your target audience strategy should be based on age, culture, education background, economic factors, gender, and a host of other factors. You should also be aware of the interests and of your users and their changing preferences. Last but not least, your strategy should be flexible, that is move along with changing market scenarios.

Optimize your keywords

It is extremely important for a good ASO as it helps you achieve higher ratings in the app stores, but keywords are not the only thing you need to keep in mind. Your audience must connect with your keywords. Your keywords should not only be just words; they must be the creative expressions for your app. So, it is important that your potential user should tap your app enough and increase the number of visits your app received. This, in turn, would generate for conversion rates for your app in the market. Hence, a solid ASO strategy optimizes the discoverability of your app as well as your CVR.

Use a combination of keywords

For iOS builders, it is important to make use of the 30 character limits and takes advantage of the various combinations in keywords. This will, in turn, improve your conversion rate. Also, your promotional texts will also help you to increase your user base. Use crisp and easy to read keywords, with lucidity and promptness.

For play store users, the description field is extremely important. You should always check out the density of your keywords and give more prominence to specific keywords. It is also a good sense to use your keywords in the correct places. Improper stacking of keywords will result in a dip in your rate conversion.

Create your unique app icon

Your app users judge your app by the icon of your app. So you should design your app in a way it appeals to the user who will be visiting your app for the first time. You can hire a graphic designer who will design some beautiful and innovative icons for you, which will show your app to be of high quality. You should always go for simple icons and avoid designing, and you should also use recognizable icons. Paint your background with simple color combinations and avoid using photos or shots. Try different background images before finalizing your icon design.

Creative’s influence your app

Your app should is strongly influenced by creative’s that is, your preview videos and screenshots. You should remember that your visitor has a short attention span, so don’t ever expect them to go through your entire content and make an informed choice. So the first impressions you create with your designs is very valuable. Mobile screens are small, so the size of your creative’s should be in keeping with the small space of the screen. You know your app, but your user does not, so it’s important to pull out resources from the common people. Create a hypothesis base from that source because you don’t know what ingenuity it will bring to your app.

Create short videos

You can also create short videos for your user. A good quality visual idea of your app can sometimes work wonders for your app conversion rate and increase the number of downloads for your app. You need to think hard before making your promotional videos because you need to create a sense of your videos for the user. In the play store, you are allowed to include only one YouTube video, and in iO, you can create 3 videos. You should also keep in mind that the video apps also include videos, so you need to unique to generate interest for your users.

Design attractive screenshots

Your screenshots are a decisive factor for attracting user attention, which is included in your search page. Now developers and marketers have the option of using ten instead of the earlier five screenshots. Use your screenshots to tell visual stories and make it unique against your competitors. Use your targeted audience to create compelling ideas. Now you can even upload your screenshots taken from your app and use visual graphics to create an enriching user experience. Display your screenshots in frames to create an exciting interface for your viewers. Use various app screenshot tools to weave your story.

Track your performance

You can track your ASO performance and make ways for its improvement. You need to be aware of the recent developments in the market and use the reviews and ratings to make changes to your app. You can track your competitors and review their apps to gain an insight into their minds and stand out in the app market. There are many tools in the market which can make your efforts easier. Your web links like SEO to optimize your ASO. These backlinks have a direct impact on your Google Play store.

A successful ASO strategy requires careful planning and implementation to stay relevant in today’s market. It is more than just a game plan. It is a way to diversify your app to every possible user and generate more downloads. So, it is important you use these strategic tools to improve and redesign your ASO.

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