Building links and promoting brand to boost your SEO

For every major SEO marketer hoping to make it big in 2020, acquiring top-tier and viable links is the buzzword. So, you need to focus on brand building alongside link building. Let’s decode this.

  • In the world of journalistic writing or a news report approach, you have three main types.
  • First is planned editorial. Journalists cover certain topics each year and month at a particular point. These points include electoral polls, Valentine’s Day, Good Friday, Christmas, and so on.
  • Reactive or evolving editorials form another type. There are many feature stories that people keep writing from time to time without any proper planning or concrete reason.
  • You cannot predict their modality and can use them in sync with a breaking news. It’s how you do it.
  • You can also plan these reactive editorials, which form the third and last type. Journalists write features on topics revolving around seasonal or festive themes and events.
  • They cover them within a specific timeframe, but it’s impossible to know the exact aim or story until scribes or editors pen it down in their editorial meetup. Bear these things in mind before embarking on your SEO journey.

Know the basics           

Concisely, link building is the process of linking other websites to your site. It’s a process to regain them in your fold. All business owners and marketers need to maintain link-building to bolster referral traffic. It drives your site’s footprint and authority.

  • There are definite reasons to build links. With intricate and perpetually evolving Google algorithms, backlinks continue to be a crucial determinant of your search engine’s chemistry with keywords.
  • Building links is an excellent SEO tactic because they give a signal to the search engine giant that your website is a viable domain, inviting citation and traffic.
  • Invariably, websites with more backlinks will always get higher rankings. Link-building has both wrong and right ways. At the same time removing unnatural links using services like Linkquidator is also very important.
  • If you focus on the long-term success of your brand and site, you must focus on natural link-building.
  • It’s how you earn links instead of purchasing them, or even acquiring them through manipulation. You can call it black-hat SEO as well.
  • Always remember that organic, natural link building is a tedious and daunting process. You don’t create all links equally.
  • So, a WSJ links will have a much bigger impact on your SERP rankings than a link from a startup website.
  • Link-building is paramount to achieve high search engine rankings (organic). You don’t have tools and sites to buy links and likes, which you can do when you buy Instagram views.

Purport in SEO

If you dissect a hyperlink, you’ll find how search engines view links and how they can make interpretations. Your link tag’s start or the anchor tag opens to signal search engines about a forthcoming link.

  • Link referral location and the text within the quotation showcases the same URL that your link points to. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a webpage.
  • Occasionally, you might see something else apart from the URL. It may carry a hashtag.
  • There are other local links, which transport you to a page’s section. The link’s anchor text is also important. Users see this scanty text on the page. They need to click on it for opening the link.
  • It’s a formatted text, which makes it a cut above the rest. It often comes in blue color or underlining. It conveys the message that you click on it.
  • The link tag’s closure signals its demise and relation with search engines. The two primary ways that search engines implement links are to discover and mitigate new webpages and determine the performance parameter of a page in search results.

Some feasible strategies

The main strategy is to create a link-worthy material first. It doesn’t imply that you have to create herculean posts or hackneyed interactive sessions, but for some brands, the service or product can be linkable too. To begin with, you get numerous links due to the tools/products you create, and not the content you publish.

  • Outreach is very crucial. Most successful link-building measures imbibe outreach. Reach out to individuals in your niche, interact and introduce your content to them.
  • The catch here is you don’t need concrete content all the time. You just need to contain something that’s akin to a link or a link in itself. It could be a service, product, brand, business, or even image/personality.
  • There are specific sites that provide great links. Links tell you how useful the tools are with respect to entrepreneurs and SEO.
  • If you want to sync your links with top-tier sites, you need to sign up for specific websites. The pathway is quite simple. These sites send you a slew of sources requests, before pitching relevant names.
  • If the journalist uses you as a credible source, they can send the link back to your article.
  • Guest blogging is perhaps the oldest and one of the most trusted link-building procedures in the market.

Understanding value and anchors

All links are not equal because websites linking you to the concerned domains may vary in volume and quality. Your industry must also be relevant to the link. A news publication’s link, that carries a compelling journalistic touch and backdrop will certainly be more valuable and carry more weightage as compared to a link in a blog’s comment section.

  • A blog or article that has little or nothing to do with your niche will fetch you nothing.
  • Links from quality, reliable websites within your sector carry more value and viability.
  • The no follow system has been a long-time favorite for sites as it caters to rankings.
  • Some publishers use it in their content to thwart involvement in link schemes.

Things to remember

Brands with prudence will always focus on a holistic and inclusive link-building approach. You need to create a website that your customers will want to link to.

It’s pretty simple. Originality, humor, and high-quality and gripping content is what you need to share. Professionals and bloggers need to imbibe advanced link-building measures. There are specific tools to go forward.

For those who know, reclamation link, broken link building, and skyscraper techniques are also fruitful.