Rise of Nations : Cheats, Hacks and Secrets

The game is RTS (real-time strategy) and anyone who knows this style knows that for a detail, it can be difficult to win. We made a list of Rise of Nations commands and cheats. Don’t be nervous in your campaign.

Rise of Nations

How to activate commands and cheats

There are two possibilities in the game to use cheats:

Shortcut Keys (Quick Battle and Campaign)

  1. Press the [ ENTER ] key ;
  2. Type “cheat keys on”;
  3. Press [ Alt ] + [ F5 ], +1000 resources (hold to add more);
  4. Alt ] + [ F9 ], speeds up the selected construction.

Commands right on the console

  1. Press the [ ENTER ] key ;
  2. Enter the indicated cheat code;
  3. Press [ ENTER ] again.

Rise of Nations codes and cheats

Code It is made
cheat resource all + 1000 Adds 1000 to resources
cheat damage (name or id) (+ or -) (value) Allows you to change the amount of damage to the unit
cheat ai (on, off or debug) Controls the computer’s AI
cheat ally (name of the nation) Partners with the nominated nation
cheat explore (normal, explored, all) Controls the level of exploitation
cheat defeat (name of the nation) Defeat the nominated nation
cheat finish Finishes construction or next item
cheat die Kills all selected objects
cheat sandbox Make all players become human players
cheat peace (name of the nation) Go at peace with the chosen nation
cheat safe Puts machine guns around in the city of human players
cheat diff (0-5) Modifies the difficulty of the game
cheat achieve Shows achievements
cheat commerce (value) (nation name) Shows and changes the trade relationship
cheat library (value) (nation name) Shows and changes the library level
cheat military (value) (name of the nation) Shows and changes the level of military force
cheat age (value) (nation name) Shows and changes the era
cheat ranges (0-1) Range on / off
cheat reveal (on – off) Reveals the map


Just press [ ENTER ] as to insert cheats and enter the corresponding number of the provocation:

Number Provocation
12 “This noob is rushing me”
20 “Let’s get’em”
24 “Gonna boom”
29 “Pay up or die”
36 “I spy a spy”
41 “Wanna bet?”
43 “Was that supposed to hurt?”
45 “Good luck with that”
49 “Play the tutorials, noob”

With our list, in addition to cheating, you can “take one” with the opponent’s face. The important thing is the fun. Good games!