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Here is the best way to bypass all links and links Tired of Here’s how to automatically skip advertising.

I’m sure, at least once, you came across the annoying and boring links These are the very bright protected links that, before taking you to the destination of your interest (website, download link or other) force you to put up with 5 seconds of useless advertising. What then, they are only 5 seconds, but they seem 20 minutes.

This system of protection of links, as you probably know, allows those who use the system to earn based on the number of people who see the advertisement before the download or link, but at the same time creates a lot of trouble for those who want to reach a specific website and must wait for the famous 5 seconds each time before arriving at their destination.

Bypass link, linkbucks and the like: how do you do it?

Often, however, these ads of open videos at full volume that consume Internet traffic and make a lot of confusion.

In short, it is clear that the links are boring, pallid and create a lot of inconveniences to end users, while those who use them to earn, go hand in hand, goes a short distance: or thousands of people open links, or earnings are really ridiculous (we speak of a few, very few cents).

In my opinion, there is therefore no valid reason to use the links, which only create annoyances and inconvenience to end users.

Unfortunately, however, there are many websites that use links before you get to the link of your interest and most users do not know how to jump, bypass and block ads and links to 

If you also have this problem and you are tired of waiting every time you click on a link protected by, today we offer you the ultimate solution to your problems. In fact, we explain how to jump, bypass and permanently block links in a simple, easy and fast.

Jump, bypass and block the method that works perfectly!

Do you think it is complicated to block and bypass these links You’re wrong, because the solution we offer is simple, easy, immediate and fast.

To tell the truth, there are various ways to say goodbye to the links of here we propose the best and easiest solutions to put in place. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to lock, bypass and skip from PC with Chrome

If you use the Google Chrome internet browser, the easiest way to block links is to download and install the Skipper extensionIt’s totally free, installs in one click and automatically the links will be blocked forever.

Installing and configuring the extension is really simple: you have to open Chrome, click HERE and select the entry Add to Chrome. In a few moments, the extension will be installed and will automatically allow you to skip all the links that contain advertising. Nothing could be simpler, right?

You do not have to do anything: install the extension and you are ready to open all the links without worrying about advertisements. Fantastic!

How to lock, bypass and skip from PC with Firefox

If you use Firefox instead of Chrome, you can download a similar extension, which does the same things. It’s called Skip: you install it and, like the previous one, it will allow you to automatically skip the links on Firefox.

You can download the free extension HEREIt works the same way as for Chrome, you do not have to do anything.

How to lock, bypass and skip with Android

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can skip and bypass the links thanks to the free Adfly Decripter program.

The program is comfortable and works well, but the problem is that its use takes more than 5 seconds, so, on balance, it is better to wait for the 5 famous seconds of The positive note is that, using this program, you can still prevent the site from opening invasive windows and advertising banners on Android. 

If you want to try this program to jump and bypass on Android, you can download Adfly Decoder for free from the Play Store.

Once downloaded and installed on Android, you will need to copy the link of you want to skip and paste it in the appropriate space within the program. Once you have done this, you have to click on Decode and in a few moments you will get the final link, without ads and banners.

Convenient to avoid popup windows and invasive banners that are usually opened by and that make it difficult to download from the Android platform.

How to lock, bypass and jump on any platform

If the addons that we have already reported, for any reason, you do not like or do not work, do not despair, because you still have an alternative accessible from any platform, since it is a website.

Also, this alternative works perfectly even on iOS, so on iPhone, iPod and iPad. In this way you can then jump, bypass and block all the links from iPhone, iPod and iPad in a few simple clicks. 

You can skip and block links using the site (add it to your favorites, it will be handy).

As you can easily guess, to convert links and block advertisements, you have to copy and paste the address into the space provided, then you have to press the Unprotect button to get the original link. Simple, fast, effective: a great way to jump and bypass all the links 


Well, I would say that we came to the conclusion of this guide updated in May 2017 to jump, bypass and permanently block links 

Thanks to our instructions you can free yourself of advertising links and get your downloads quickly and easily.

NB: at the last revision the guide works perfectly. For any questions or concerns, leave a comment at the end of the article, we will help you as soon as possible.

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