Why Are Streaming Sites Requesting Credit Cards?

Why do some streaming sites require registration and a credit card? Can you watch a movie in streaming without having to give credit card information?

Credit card required in streaming sites: let’s make things clear

In the last few weeks, I have received several emails from many Teknologya readers who have told me that many streaming sites are asking for a credit card when trying to watch a movie. 

Given that the problem has been found by many people and every day there are so many readers who report that they came across the credit card request from some streaming sites, I decided to publish an article to clarify once for all.

If you too, in recent times, you have resorted to internet sites that offer movies and TV series to watch for free streaming and you noticed a window in which the credit card was asked, below you will find the solution to your problem and we will clarify about this topic.

Why do the best streaming sites ask for a credit card number?

As mentioned earlier, the problem encountered by users, and perhaps even by you, is represented by the fact that, when you try to open a video (film or TV series) to watch streaming, a window appears asking for registration and card credit. 

I checked it myself and it can actually happen. Indeed, it happens very often, too often.

And the thing is quite absurd: what sense does it make to pay to watch a movie or a TV series streaming illegally?

The answer is simple: the window asking for registration and credit card information is simple advertising. Although very aggressive and fraudulent.

Many streaming sites, to pay for server expenses and set aside some money, fill the advertising portal more or less invasive, among which there may also be the one that asks for credit card information to activate a subscription of a certain type. 

So even if it seems to you that the streaming site is asking for registration and credit card information, it is actually just advertising. 

Not many streaming site asks for a credit card to show you movies or TV series in streaming.

And actually, that’s right: if I want to pay to watch movies or TV series in streaming I subscribe to Netflix, Sky or similar, certainly I do not pay an illegal site full of advertising. Or am I wrong?

Pay attention to invasive advertising on streaming sites

As we have seen, therefore, the windows that ask for your credit card data on the streaming sites are simply advertising.

Very often (too often) the streaming sites are so full of well-hidden advertising that you do not even realize that it’s advertising windows, it seems to you that the streaming site is asking for your credit card details, but in reality is not like that. 

If after clicking on the “Play” button to watch your movie or TV series in streaming, after countless automatic page redirections and half a dozen annoying advertisements that opened in the background, you found yourself on a page that asked to enter your credit card details to continue watching the movie , you can feel comfortable: it’s simple advertising, just close it to go back to watch what you want in streaming for free.

And again, I assure you that your credit card details are not required to watch movies and TV series streaming. DO NOT insert them, anywhere. 

Beware of the scam though!

Never lower the guard.

These advertising windows that ask for your credit card information often make you enter the data, but they ask you to pay an amount equal to 0 (zero) amount, to entice you to enter them anyway and to let you proceed with the operation.

What’s the point of all this?

Simple: in many cases the €0.00 subscription that you are asked for is actually a scam.

And how does it work?

Everything is simple but brilliant.

You enter your credit card details and do not spend anything, but at the same time, without knowing it, activate a subscription service on your smartphone , a seemingly free service that, once the registration is complete, will automatically pass and without asking your consent from free mode to the premium mode, with the consequent debit on your credit or debit card also quite high amounts, which can reach 25 or 50 euros/dollars a month.

And here is the scam perfectly stitched.

So, again, if while browsing on a streaming site you see some advertising window, DO NOT enter in any way the credit card information. Close it all and return to the streaming site (or change the streaming site). After a few clicks on banners and other windows, you will be able to watch what you want in streaming for free.

Block advertising, banners and popups on streaming sites

If you want to avoid all the problems of this type and navigate safely on any streaming site, you should use the Internet browser Google Chrome and install these fantastic extensions, which block any type of advertising and you will avoid problems such as data request credit card:

  • Block advertising on the internet with uBlock : the best to block ALL advertisements and banners on various websites, including those of streaming. Practically indispensable nowadays
  • How to Block Popup And Advertising On Chrome: The Best Extension: blocks all pop-ups that open while surfing the internet, including windows that ask you to enter your credit card information

By installing these two extensions on Chrome you can surf in total peace and security on any website, including those of streaming.

TV series without credit card

Thanks to our instructions you can watch all the tv series streaming without registration and without entering your credit card details. Try it yourself and share your experience in the comments at the end of the article.

How to watch movie streaming without a credit card

As promised, by following the instructions in this article you will be able to watch all the films in streaming without registration and without a credit card. I repeat that no streaming site asks for a credit card: it’s just advertising windows, which you simply have to close and ignore.

How do hackers gain millions with streaming?

Simple: inserting advertising sites like those that ask for your credit card information on streaming sites. For each “registration” obtained, the pirates earn. Of course, you watch the movies or the tv series streaming for free, but in the meantime you are emptied your credit card because you have been “cheated” by advertising. Eyes open, ALWAYS!


For this article, I would say that’s all.

I hope I have clarified why some streaming sites are requesting registration or credit card information. 

I recommend always open eyes, install the extensions we have recommended and NEVER enter your credit card information on these windows.

For any doubt, question or problem leave a comment at the end of the article, we will help you as soon as possible.

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