How to block advertising on the Internet with uBlock for Google Chrome

How to block advertising on the internet with uBlock for Google Chrome | How to block popups

Download block advertising Internet: goodbye to advertising harassing on the Internet, and many other programs.

Today, I propose a very useful and interesting guide that will allow you to surf the Internet without advertising. Yes, you understood correctly: today I’ll explain how to block all advertising on various websites.

It is useless to deny it: on the Internet, advertisements are everywhere. Sometimes they are integrated into the pages visited, others, however, come in the form of very annoying pop-up windows that slow down the browsing.

Blocking unwanted advertising is therefore essential: therefore, here we explain how to configure your browser so that blocks the activation of popups and other advertisements on the Internet. In the following steps, therefore, we will give you advice on how to block advertising on the internet.

Are you tired of the intrusive advertisements that appear when you surf the Internet? Are you fed up with ads, videos, pop-ups and other annoying ads that ruin your internet browsing experience? No problem: if you use Google Chrome as an internet browser, download and install the free uBlock extension to block all internet advertising. 

Goodbye to advertising on websites with uBlock for Google Chrome (and other internet browsers)

uBlock for Google Chrome is a free extension, easy to install and configure, which allows you to block, stop and hide all advertising from websites. 

How to block advertising on the internet with uBlock

Many know AdBlock Plus, an extension to block annoying ads in browsers, but some complain about its heaviness of this plugin. Actually AdBlock Plus is a rather heavy extension for Google Chrome that could slow down and make surfing on the internet worse. This is why many users have stopped using this plugin to block advertising on the internet and have decided to rely on something alternative and equally valid. I’m talking about uBlock.

If Adblock Plus is too heavy and you are not comfortable with this plugin to hide advertising on the internet, you can try uBlock, a free and open source alternative, available for various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others) and considered lighter in terms of resource consumption. I first moved to uBlock to hide and block advertising on the Internet: I use this plugin on Google Chrome for months now and I can not do without it anymore. It is light, easy to use, requires no configuration and blocks or hides all Internet advertising. A show!

Once installed, uBlock will take care, in a completely independent manner, of the elimination of all the advertisements on the websites.

How to block advertising on the internet Block advertising with Google Chrome

The purpose of uBlock is to allow users to personally choose which advertising content to filter and which to accept, for example to support the desired sites. With a click, in fact, you can disable the plugin on certain websites to show advertising: considering that most websites are supported with advertising, it is correct to disable the plugin in question on the sites you visit most or anyway on those that you appreciate more than others.

The uBlock program is free, but supported by user donations, which (together with the transparency offered by its open source nature) should allow a good level of independence and fairness. If you feel comfortable with this plugin to hide and block advertising on the internet, I recommend donating to developers.

Well, I would say that we have concluded. uBlock to date is the best plugin to block and hide advertising on websites. Try it and let me know what you think.

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