Can not unblock a person on Instagram: how to solve

Have you blocked someone on Instagram and you can no longer unblock the person? Here is the solution how to unblock him/her

We blocked each other on Instagram: here’s how to unblock the both accounts

  • How do I unblock an Instagram contact with which we are stuck with each other?
  • I blocked a person who blocked me on Instagram, but now we want to unblock but we can not find our profiles?

Let’s go back to talking about Instagram, the most famous, used and appreciated social network of the moment.

Today in particular I want to solve a widespread problem among users who are stuck to each other on Instagram and now no longer able to unblock. 

It seems incredible, but many users who for any reason in the past have blocked each other on Instagram, now can no longer unblock. The reports, as anticipated, are coming from a lot of users who first got stuck on Instagram, then they decided to unblock but they can not do it in any way.

If you have also encountered this problem, I will explain below how to solve it easily and quickly.

I can not unblock Instagram user

This is the situation. In the past you blocked a person on Instagram and this blocked you in turn. Then you have decided to unblock each other but you can not.

In the worst cases, even when you try to unblock on Instagram the message “user not found” appears. 

Does all this seem familiar to you?

It’s probably a bug or a problem with Instagram, but anyway I’ll explain how to solve it in a simple, easy and fast way.

If you can not unlock a user you had blocked on Instagram in any way, simply:

  • download the free app Cleaner for IG ( Android/Apple )
  • log in with your Instagram data
  • access the list of blocked contacts
  • unblock the user you want to unblock on Instagram
  • the other person must do the same thing

Now try going back to Instagram and you will see that even on the social network, through the official app, your account and that of the other person will be effectively unblocked.

And here’s how you magically solved the problem of two mutually blocked Instagram accounts, which have finally been unlocked and are operational again.

Confirm that everything worked perfectly? Let us know in the comments!


With this article I hope to have solved your doubts and problems related to the mutual blocking of two Instagram accounts.

It is absurd that a social network like Instagram has these problems, but fortunately we have managed to find a solution that is simple, fast and affordable for everyone.

For any questions or concerns, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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