Can You Download Books From Google Books For Free?

Google Books: how to download books for free?

In the last few weeks, I have received several requests via email from people who wanted to download books, ebooks and PDFs for free from Google Books for free. 

Since, as you know, I can not answer everyone individually, I decided to publish a dedicated article in order to give a clear answer to all those who wrote to me and to all those who seek answers on this topic.

If you’ve come to this article from Google, you’re probably looking for a way to download books for free from Google Books. 

Since I do not like to waste time either, let’s not go into unnecessary chatter and try to clarify the topic once and for all.

Can you download books for free from Google Books?

NO, you can not.

All books that are on Google Books are definitely cataloged and scanned by Google, are then uploaded online so you can read some pieces or excerpts, but you can not in any way download. 

Do not waste time looking for blogs, forums and guides that promise you to download free books and books from Google Books, because they do not work so much. 

Do you think you’re so good at being able to get around Google’s blocks?

Do you think Google is fooled by some stupid program to download books for free from Google Books?

Obviously not.

Google’s servers are well protected, at most you can make some screenshots of those books on Google Books, but in no way you can download them in EPUB or PDF format to read them for free on your computer. 

How to download books from Google Books for free?

As anticipated, there is no way, even if various sites say otherwise.

Maybe they make you lose an hour to read an article, promising to let you download these books for free, but in the end you will not succeed.

Trust me, leave Google Books alone: it does not allow you to download books for free in any format. 

So how can I download EPUB and PDF books for free without Google Books?

Do you want to download free books from the internet but do not know how? Looking for sites to download free books in pdf? Are you looking for illegal sites to download books? Would you like a program to download books for free? Are you looking for a way to download free pdf books without registration? Where can I download books for free? Where to download free books?

All the answers are below, with a simple, fast and SAFE guide.

If you really want to download books, EBOOK and PDF for free, without paying them, so you can read them offline on your computer, smartphone, tablet, iPad or eBook Reader, I suggest you do this:

  • go to
  • type in the search bar “NOMELIBRODASCARICARE EPUB” or “NOMELIBRODASCARICARE PDF” (type epub or PDF according to the format you are interested in)
  • look at the results shown on the site
  • download the file
  • copy it to your eBook reader or wherever you want
  • read the free book wherever and whenever you want

And here, without going through Google Books, you were able to download your book for free from the internet. 

I’ve been using this search engine for months now and it has never failed a beat: all the books I’ve been looking for have found them.

What is the point of trying to download free books from Google Books when there are alternative portals that work much better and very well? 

Try it yourself and let me know how you are with this great alternative to download books, EBOOK, EPUB and PDF for free from the internet. 

Stay away from Google Books Downloader!

There are some sites that claim that the free Google Books Downloader program allows you to download books from Google Books for free.

We are the usual: in your opinion, a free program that is on Google, will you ever allow you to download free books from Google Books?

The answer is obviously NO!

This program promises you certain things, so you download it, install it and start it. And then he spreads viruses and malware on your computer without you noticing it.

Stay away from the Google Books Downloader program for Windows and Mac PCs: I read about many sites, blogs and forums of people who downloaded it, installed it and then found themselves with many problems on the PC or Mac.

If you really want to download ebooks, epub, PDF or books for free,  follow our guide, which works much better, has been tested and does not install any dangerous program.

That’s all. 

Before leaving the article, let’s see some other information on Google Books together. 

What is Google Books?

The Google Books project aims to create a digital version of the book heritage of all humanity.

Through a special software, users can do extensive research by immersing themselves in all the books of the world.

It is thus easier to understand which are the most relevant books for the study of a given topic and make the right connections between the various books.

What does Google Books offer?

As you probably know,  it is not possible with Google Books either to read in full or download a book, with the exception of books in the public domain.

For all other books,  Google Books offers only a preview of the book,  that is, the possibility of reading a small part of it.

Some books may show many more pages than others, but this depends only on a deliberate choice of the publisher and the author who have decided to participate in the Google Books partner program.

For each book, there are obviously links to buy online.

Public domain books that can be downloaded for free from Google Books

As anticipated, only these books can be downloaded for free from Google Books.

Just for information, I would point out that a public domain book is a book that has never been protected by copyright or whose legal copyright terms have expired (ie more than 70 years have passed since the death of their author).

How to download books in the public domain from Google Books

Once you have searched for a title on the search engine and logged in on the page dedicated to the book, at the top left you will see a red button with the words « Ebook – free » if the book is in the public domain category (otherwise there will be the button for the purchase).

At this point  you do NOT have to click on the button  (which leads to the page to read it online), but you only have to hover over the mouse: a small panel will appear showing the compatibility of the file available for reading from desktop, tablet or ereader and the voice  Download  with the available file format.

And here in a few moments, you have downloaded a book from Google Books. But, as anticipated, this procedure applies only to very few books.

For all the others, however, you can follow our instructions that you find a few lines above.


We have concluded this long article on Google Books.

As you’ve probably noticed, in most cases you cannot download books and free ebooks from Google Books.

Fortunately, however, there are many alternatives to download books, ebooks, epubs and PDFs for free from the internet and we have reported to you the best, fastest and safest way. 

If in the future there should be updates on this subject, we will not fail to include them in this guide.

In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible. 

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