How to enable YouTube Dark mode on Android. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable YouTube Dark mode on rooted Android devices. YouTube is a popular video sharing platform among users and is also their ideal place to find any type of video.

It is obviously one of the most used applications on the Internet. Using YouTube on Android is simple enough thanks to the official YouTube app for Android. It provides almost all basic and even advanced features, so you can perform almost everything that the standard desktop version offers.

However, there is something you can not do yet (not yet at least). Google has already implemented a new feature for the desktop version, known as “Dark Mode”. Enabling it would change the user interface from light to dark. The removal of APK by Android Police indicated that Google is already working on implementing the same functionality in the mobile app.

Although it is still under development, rooted users can now easily enable YouTube Dark mode on Android devices.

How to enable YouTube Dark mode on Android

YouTube has both a version for the Web Pc and a version of the mobile application. The Dark YouTube mode is the personalization that many users wanted. This will provide a new look to the widely used video content platform.

The new feature has already been implemented on YouTube for iOS. For now, Android users should still wait. It was rather sad to see that Google did not implement these features on Android first, considering the fact that it is the owner of the operating system.

This has shocked many Android fans. But a simple solution to enable YouTube’s Dark mode on Android was soon discovered by enthusiastic XDA developers.

XDA member AL_IRAQI managed to activate YouTube Dark mode on Android by changing a value in app preferences. Because the method requires modifying a file located in the partition/data, the Android device must be rooted.

The process is quite simple and if you have already rooted your phone, here is your chance to take advantage of it. If you are a fan of the new Dark mode on YouTube, then we have the one for you in this post.

Even the Dark mode on YouTube has its advantages. For example, it will cause less eye strain, especially when used in poorly lit environments. A bit similar to night mode in phones and other apps.

See the list of requirements before enabling YouTube Dark mode on Android.


  • The Android device must be connected to SuperSU or Magisk.
  • The method works only on devices with Android Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop.
  • Download and install the Preference Manager app from Google Play.

Once the requirements are met, go ahead and activate YouTube’s Dark mode on Android by following the steps below.

How to enable YouTube Dark mode on Android:

  1. Go to the application panel and start “Manage preferences”.
  2. Root permissions when requested.
  3. Tap on the menu icon (3 points) and select ‘Show system app’.
  4. Search for the list and find “YouTube”.
  5. In the ‘youtube.xml’ tab, search for ‘dark’.
  6. Search for “theme_dark_app” and “theme_dark_watch_panel”. In case the declared preferences are not present, you can simply add Boolean values for them.
  7. To enable the dark mode of YouTube on Android, simply change the values from “false” to “true”.
  8. Save the settings.
  9. Close the YouTube app and restart the phone.

The bright white background in the YouTube app will be replaced by a dark gray color. It is not pure black as OLED users wanted.

Finally, it’s a good sign from YouTube developers because they respond to users’ wishes and update their preferences with respect to their requests. We hope to have been helpful; leave a comment below if you like!



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