Capture Your Computer Screen And Voice On Mac OS X And Windows

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Camtasia Studio, is one of the most used paid screen recording software for recording the world, you can download the trial version or buy the complete software, let’s see together how to download it, install it and test its recordings.

How to download Camtasia Studio

Installing Camtasia Studio is really very simple, just go to the official site of Camtasia and choose which version to use. The landing page of the site will show us two versions of Camtasia, a Free trial version or the purchase of the complete software(Buy Camtasia).

Today we will try to install the 30-day trial version (which can still be converted into a full version by purchasing later), to do this just click on “Get Free trial“.

The next screen will allow us to choose the most suitable version for our operating system through the “Windows download” or “Mac download” keys.

Once you have chosen the most suitable software for our platform, the site will ask us to create a new Camtasia account (specifying that the trial version will last 30 days), immediately you will receive an email to confirm the data.

Once you enter your email and password, we will meet a screen that will ask us the end of use of the Camtasia software, once you have chosen the most appropriate motivation, it will automatically start downloading the software.

At this point, once you have downloaded the file setup of Camtasia, we must have to do is start the installation, which will be brought forward by the read request and acceptance of the use of licenses, once that is done, continue with the installation wizard software on your operating system.

Now we will be able to start Camtasia studio, once launched the software, we will meet before the graphical interface of the program and it will be possible to start a recording of your screen.

The interface is very simple and intuitive, in the bar on the left we will find all the effects of transition, animation and audio/video setting, at the bottom of the screen instead, we will find the multitrack on which to create our projects and video sequences, just above the multitrack on the left of the screen will present the functions of cutting, copying, pasting and zooming the tracks.

Start a screen recording is very simple and fast, just click on the record button at the top left marked by the red dot.

Once clicked on it will open a small window inside which, you can decide whether to also activate your webcam and set volumes of entry and exit of your microphone. At this point there will be nothing left but click on “start recording“, once the recording is complete, click on “stop recording“.

What you have just recorded on your screen will appear on the sequencer of your studio Camtasia and will be ready to be edited and exported.


For several years, Camtasia Studio is the flagship software for on-screen recording and is currently used by millions of users, influencers and YouTubers all over the world, as it is a cutting-edge software as simple as it is within reach of all, you just have to try it, by downloading it or buying it from the official website.

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