How to change DNS in Android : here is the simplest method

How to change Android DNS? Here’s the easiest, safest and fastest way thanks to the official Cloudflare app. Changing Android DNS with Cloudflare is easy

Change Android DNS with Cloudflare without root

In April, if you remember, Cloudflare has launched its public DNS that has enabled millions of people to surf the Internet faster and more privately. 

These DNS, just like those of Google, were available free to all users, who could set them on any Windows PC, Mac, Android smartphone, iOS and any other device connected to the internet.

Changing DNS is not easy

Too bad that the procedure to change DNS is not really simple and certainly not accessible to all users, especially those less experienced in technology.

Of course, it is not an overly complex procedure, but for novice users it may not be too immediate and, since you have to enter the settings of the operating system, many have preferred to abandon the guide rather than try to commit to get up to change the DNS from the operating system.

Fortunately, however, today for Android there is a much more convenient solution for everyone, especially for the less experienced users of the sector.

To further simplify things and DNS change in particular, today Cloudflare has launched its official app that allows you to quickly and easily change DNS on Android with a click (and without root, which is very important).

So if you’ve always wanted to change DNS on Android but you never understood how to do or have never wanted to take unnecessary risks, from today things become much simpler. Changing DNS on Android with the Cloudflare app is the easiest and fastest thing in the world.

Without wasting time, let’s see how to do it.

Change Android DNS: set with the official Cloudflare app

Changing DNS on your Android device thanks to the Cloudflare app is very simple and affordable for everyone. It will simply be enough:

  • download the Cloudflare app
  • start it
  • press on the only button that is inside the app
  • this is done: from now on you can use DNS on Android and surfing the internet will be secure, private, anonymous, faster and more secure. 

You will not have to configure anything, set anything, make any registration and above all you will not have to pay anything.

Using the Cloudflare app is simple and completely free for all Android users, but you can see it yourself.

And in a few moments you will have changed DNS on Android and you will be ready to surf safely, anonymously and securely. 

The Cloudflare app is a free VPN for Android

In case you have not yet guessed it, I’ll tell you clearly: Cloudflare app for Android is essentially a completely free, fast and super secure VPN. And I can assure you that at the moment on the Play Store there are many similar apps, but none as valid as this one.

All “competitors” require a registration, a monthly payment, show advertisements, register your data and resell them to third-party companies, have a limited free plan or more. This, however, has no limitations, it’s free, fast and safe. 

As in all other VPNs, once the Cloudflare DNS has been activated, all outgoing and incoming connections from your smartphone will pass through this virtual “tunnel” that will allow you to protect all the sites you visit and the data you exchange with the network.

Unlike many other similar services, Cloudflare is much better because it is very fast and secure, does not register any IP address and above all erases all data exchanged with the network within 24 hours. In short, your privacy is safe and the hackers or the curious will stay away.

If you often connect to free WiFi access points (bars, airports, squares ..), this Cloudflare app is INDISPENSABLE to protect your phone and your personal data, you have to download it NOW!

In addition to maximum security, as anticipated, the app also guarantees the maximum browsing speed on the web: the websites will open in a flash, always and anyway.

Access Sites blocked in Your Country

And, in addition to all this, with the Cloudflare app you can access all those sites that are obscured, blocked and not reachable from your country for various reasons.

All sites blocked in your country, in fact, can be reached again with a simple change of DNS and the Cloudflare app will allow you to do it in one click.

I was the first to never want to enter the phone settings to change DNS by hand, but now everything gets faster with this app!

Download the app of Cloudflare for Android

If you also want to protect your browsing sessions on the web with this new Cloudflare app, here is the link to download the program from the Play Store.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this fantastic program just released for Android.

PS: the same app is also available on the App Store for iPhone and iOS.

Before leaving the article, here is some additional information on DNS, just to refresh your memory.

What are DNS and what are DNS’s for?

DNS is the acronym of Domain Name System.

Prior to June 23, 1983, the day on which the DNS system became operational, each site, computer or server connected to the Internet was not reachable by name (example ), but only via its IP address (consisting of 4 series of digits divided by points, such as

In practice in the past who wanted to connect to a website was obliged to know the exact IP address of the site he wanted to visit.

Obviously it was “feasible” until there were very few sites, then it became an impossible task to implement, a huge limit and things have changed.

And since it is much easier to remember a name than a series of numbers, here are the DNS, which have obviously allowed a rapid spread of the Internet (even if you can still reach a site by simply writing the IP address in the browser, but nobody knows of course).

What a DNS server does

The operation of a DNS is very simple:  when you type the address of a website in the search bar, example, DNS servers do nothing but translate the site name into the numerical address of correspondence. A simple but very effective operation that has allowed the spread of internet all over the globe very quickly.

These operations of “translation” of names into numbers is made by various DNS servers spread throughout the world: these “robots” do nothing but translate names in numbers continuously in our place.

As anticipated, to date every device that connects to the Internet (Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV ..) automatically uses DNS servers, which are usually provided by the provider of fixed or mobile connection.

Why change DNS

But these DNS servers of telephone operators have 3 big problems: 

  • they are slow compared to those “independent” of Google or Cloudflare
  • they spy what you do as you surf the internet
  • they can prevent you from browsing on certain websites that for some reason are obscured and blocked in your country

The best DNS to use

This is why it is often recommended to change DNS servers with those of Google or Cloudflare, which, as we have seen, offer many advantages and no limits.

Until a few months ago the best DNS were those of Google and those of OpenDNS, but from April 2018 those of Cloudflare have also gone out and so users can now choose which of the three services to use to surf the internet safe, anonymous and protected. 

Is it all clear now the talk about DNS, what they are and why it is better to change them?

In case of doubts or questions, please use the comments at the end of the article.

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