Are you tired of the normal font and want to change the font format to another more enjoyable or fun? You can change the source of the entire device interface in two ways: with a native system option, which is not present on all phones, or with third-party applications, available for free from the Play Store.

How to change the font of an Android phone

How to change the font of an Android phone

The tool to modify the source of an Android device is present on all devices, but some manufacturers block the option of changing the style of the source, allowing only to change the size of the source natively. Motorola, for example, offers no sources other than the standard.

Others, such as Samsung, allow the user to change the font style to other pre-installed fonts, or purchase new styles through their own stores.

1. How to change the mobile phone’s letter (native function)

  1. Open Android Settings, and touch Screen or Display (changes depending on the manufacturer);
  2. Touch Font size and style;
  3. Touch Font Style;
  4. Select the font you want to use.
    On some models, you can download more fonts than pre-installed fonts;
  5. Tap the back arrow.

And ready.

2. How to change the mobile phone’s fonts (apps)

If your Android phone does not have an option to change the font style, but only the font size, it is still possible to do so. In this case, you need to resort to apps from sources available in the Play Store, the official site of Google’s mobile system.

Some of the available apps are free, while others show ads, and some are paid. In common, they offer several styles of letters to be used in both the messaging apps, and to change the whole look of Android.

The method for installing and activating fonts varies from app to app, but overall, the process is fairly simple. Ship by the words “source”, “fonts” or by the exact name of the letter and see which one of them most pleases. By following the tips, you can say goodbye to the grimacing letter format of Android and use the font you want. Until Comic Sans.


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