Your Mac has some ailments due to maybe too many programs installed on it and you want to improve the conditions but don’t know how to do it? Don’t despair, I’m here for this, today we’ll talk about just how to optimize the performance of your Mac!
I personally believe that the best way to improve the performance of your Mac is to rely on the resources offered by the Mac itself, without relying on third-party programs that are presented to you.

How to optimize Mac

Our work environment will mainly be that of the “System Preferences” (the icon with gears), easily identifiable from the “Launchpad”  or from the dock at the bottom right.

Login elements

One of the causes of your Mac slowdowns may be those programs that automatically start up your PC, all you have to do is deactivate the automatic start just to be able to “breathe” your Mac.
To disable the automatic start of the programs go inside the section “Users and Groups”, present inside obviously “System Preferences”, select your local account and immediately after the words “Login elements”.
From there select the programs you want to deactivate at startup and finalize the procedure by clicking on the “-“ button.


Another possible cause of the slowdown of your Mac could be the animations that are hard to be performed by the system, you just need to disable these too. To deactivate the animations go to the ” Accessibility” section, always present in “System Preferences”, and immediately after the “Monitor” item. From there select the option “Reduce movement”  and “Reduce transparency” to solve this “problem”.

Space management

If instead you find the cause of your problems in the space of the Mac as overflowing, then you will need to rely on the iCloud service to better manage the space, to do this click on the apple on the top left and immediately on “About this Mac”. From there move to the “Storage” section, click on “Manage” and select the subscription you need.

In my opinion these are the best and most effective solutions to optimize your Mac.


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