In June, Instagram developers announced the arrival of some photo effects that can be used in the Stories. In this new guide today, however, we will reveal how to unlock masks and hidden filters on Instagram by following simple steps.

Before seeing the steps to follow, we wanted to specify that, in order to unlock the masks and filters hidden on the popular social photo network, it is necessary to follow specific profiles belonging to famous and not famous figures.

How to unlock hidden masks and filters on Instagram

Now you are ready to unlock photo effects for use in stories! Before revealing the steps to follow, the following is a complete list of the profiles to follow to unlock the effects:

At this point, to add the filters and hidden masks offered by the desired profile, you simply need to click on its link and tap on the Follow button at the top. After that, press the home icon on the bottom left and then on the camera at the top left or swipe to the right. Now, tap the emoticon in the lower right corner and scroll through the series of icons at the bottom to identify the masks and filters added by the profile below.

In case of second thoughts, you can delete the package by pressing again on the icon of the same and choosing Remove for two consecutive times or remove the Follow to the added profile by pressing first on the little man and then on Unfollow from the main page of the user’s profile.


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