If you want to watch a movie, listen to music or play your favorite titles, it is essential to change the sound settings of Windows 10. An excellent sound configuration allows you to enjoy an experience without equal depending on the environment in which you are, the computer used and the speakers. The effectiveness of the audio settings depends strongly on the type of sound card and possibly on the external speakers. In this guide we will explain how to change the sound settings of Windows 10. In addition, we will offer you some software that enhance the audio experience of your computer.


Change the system sound settings

The Microsoft operating system has many features dedicated to improving audio. However, they are very often overlooked or their functioning is not understood. For example, the Loudness Equalization function is available, which increases the maximum volume by about 150%.

If you simply want to change the sound coming from every single program, just open the Windows 10 volume mixer. It will allow you to monitor the sound of each screen and adjust it to your liking. To open the mixer, simply click with the right mouse button on the volume icon and click on the item Open volume mixer. In the new screen, you can adjust the volume of each open software.

Accessing the list of all the audio features is really very simple. You have to right-click on the volume icon in the taskbar and click on the Sounds option.

In the new screen, move to the Playback tab to view the connected speakers. Once you have identified the speakers you are interested in, open the Properties window with a double click. This will open the screen for speaker settings. In this screen, move to the Enhancements section.

In this section of the audio enhancements you can change the sound settings of Windows 10 to your liking. By activating the Equalizer option, you can set the audio profile that best suits the content you are listening to. The internal equalizer of Windows 10 offers a 10-band equalizer range and includes preset profiles that make changing settings easier. Each setting that can be activated is accompanied by a brief description that helps the user to choose the profile that suits his needs.

External programs to improve audio

There are a lot of third-party software on the web that allows you to improve the sound in Windows 10. These softwares are designed to facilitate the user experience and offer additional features for sound configuration. In this guide, we offer the best software that allows you to change the sound settings in Windows 10.

FxSound Enhancer and Boom 3D

These two software are very similar to each other. They are equalizers that not only allow you to increase the overall volume of the system, but also offer some very interesting features. Through these features, you can enhance the audio experience easily, such as making the output sound clearer.

The particularity of Boom 3D is 3D Surround, which offers a positional surround sound experience. The advantage of this feature is the fact that it can be used on any computer and on any pair of headphones. FxSound Enhancer is focused on the clear improvement of most multimedia content, including those that concern. For example, you can optimize the audio sector on YouTube, Spotify, Windows Media Player and iTunes.


Are you looking for a free software, but at the same time full of interesting features? Then you absolutely can not give up installing the Viper4Windows software. This software can significantly improve the sound quality of your computer. In addition to boosting bass, it allows you to add additional sound effects.

It has a capacity of 18 bands and offers preset profiles that allow you to apply changes without setting any single parameter. It also lets you change the sound settings to suit your surroundings, such as a small room, a medium-sized room, or a large room.

This software is completely free and is perfectly compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 7.


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