5 Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website design

In order to create a website with good impact on users, you need to pay attention to usability. To have a successful business through the website, you need to provide an excellent user browsing experience for your visitors. There are many ways to improve site usability, here are 5 main features to make user-friendly website.

Therefore, here is a list of useful features that every self-respecting website must have.

5 Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website design

1. Mobile Compatibility

More and more people are browsing the internet through mobile devices, both to obtain information and to buy goods and services online. One of the most important characteristics of website in today’s time is responsive layout, that is, one that adapts according to the screen from which it is viewed.

The idea is, therefore, to optimize websites to ensure the best user experience on mobile devices. Mobile first is the web design approach that studies this type of optimization. The result will be a mobile friendly website.

The characteristic of these types of sites is their easy usability on any mobile device. This means that the contents must be scalable, that is, well readable and enjoyable whatever the size of the screen. This involves the choice of well-defined fonts and a non-random text – image ratio. The presence of the links must also be reviewed, making them well recognizable and above all easily clickable. But the real breakthrough is in the loading time, which must necessarily be short. Otherwise there is a risk of causing the abandonment of navigation or more easily incur the so-called rebound, that is, users who enter the site and then, due to its slowness, exit immediately. 

According to website designer Mumbai– “Thinking about a website according to the mobile first approach means going to create a website that is completely mobile friendly.”

2. Accessible to all Users

Accessibility to all users is another feature that lies at top in the list of best characteristics of webpage. Website accessibility means that your site should be simple and accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities. 

This is an important aspect in new-age web design, especially if you’re doing business in the US. It is mandatory to design a website by adhering to the web accessibility standards and by following the ADA & WCAG compliance rules. This is exactly where an expert like “Accessibility Spark” can help check whether your site adheres to the set standards, and if not, then implement it within minutes.

When you create an accessible website, there are many other tasks you need to complete at the same time. Mobile web design, usability, Search Engine Optimization, and optimal user experience are more likely to override the accessible design. In addition, if your site is easy to use, not confusing, and accessible to users with disabilities, it will be much more attractive to absolutely everyone who visits it. Affordable sites generally have better SEO results, more reach, lower maintenance costs, and a higher level of corporate social responsibility.

3. Well formatted content that is easy to scan

When an Internet user connects to your website for the first time, it is essential that they immediately understand what you do and what your offer is.

According to the experts at https://topshelfdesign.net/, the user interface of your website should be designed keeping in mind the potential customer’s needs and wants. Good and easy-to-navigate features act as a hallmark for the website, helping you establish sound relationships with your potential customers.

This is only possible through a Shopify split testing that helps select the most appropriate landing page variation, based upon perfect layout styles and images that bolster conversion rate. Here, a specialist like “Trident AB” can help perform an A/B testing by adding their tool to your eCommerce site, for best comparing the performance of two different landing page design styles.

In short, what are the actual reasons why your website exists? If the basic message is not clear within 5 to 10 seconds, the user will leave your website and look elsewhere for relevant information or products / services they are interested in.

Therefore, pay maximum attention in defining your identity and the values ​​of your core business on the homepage. A captivating layout, a highly intuitive user interface, well- finished graphics, high-definition images and videos and above all direct and immediate texts that invite the Internet user to a call-to-action or that perfectly explain who you are and what you do, they will give an edge to what you do!

4. A well planned information architecture

A well designed and displayed website is very important for usability. In case there is a lot of information provided on a site, it is essential that the user can easily find what he is looking for. To do this requires good planning and proper site architecture. They both are essential characteristics of web as per the view of Website designer Mumbai.

In this context, a Shopify website or an eCommerce store looking to increase its subscribers, customers and sales can now opt for a full-screen gamified popup to drive Shopify sales across the board. It is to engage visitors to get their email addresses, in return for the discount coupon codes. This is where an expert like “Tada” can help install one such popup app.

It is vital to pay attention to the organization and presentation of content on your website for good usability. Although, a lot of web designers ignore it. Presently, competent websites offer a huge range of resources and information to appeal their target audience. It is ideal to plan your site categories and sections smartly and present them in an easy to understand way. It becomes easy when you start to think as a user. This idea works when your company offers multiple services on the same website.

5. Fast loading times

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website. Taking a lot of time while loading a site is one of most common reasons why a user leaves the page. One can use free website speed test tools to enhance the functionality and speed of site. 

Make sure your site is performing well. Slow loading speed and performance degradation distract users and put them on the search engine. It is vital that your website load time is below 3 seconds. Therefore, you must make the right choice of plugins and themes that do not affect the performance of your site or improve it.

Test your site’s loading times with some online tools. In case it is even a little slow, try to find out why and make some changes.

Some Additional Website Characteristics:

  • Browser Compatibility: Browser compatibility is easily overlooked. However, there are some people who still use very old browsers, like IE7, IE8. To ensure full compatibility, your website should be browser-friendly, i.e. compatible with all browsers, from the most recent to the oldest
  • Responsive design: More than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. You need to make sure your site can be viewed on as many devices as possible.
  • Organized: A sitemap is a great tool for both owners and visitors; but even this does not guarantee an impeccable organization. Keep your site looking neat so people can find what they’re looking for at first glance.
  • Quality colours: Simple and cheerful, but in moderation, bright colours are a great way to grab and hold attention. Tints such as blue, yellow and green convey warmth and energy. Red arouses emotions and expresses passion.
    Use them carefully, otherwise you could create the opposite effect to what you hoped for with confusing and difficult to read texts. 


These are ultimately ideal website characteristics. Make sure that the above parameters reflect perfectly who you are and what you do. This way, you will only have to reap the benefits in your target business.

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