How to check Graphics Card and Driver in Windows 10

Those who love videogames and usually play from the PC will surely know that the Graphic card plays an important role in gaming. In fact, in order to play, you need your PC to fully meet the minimum requirements and specifications recommended by the developer of the videogame, including the power of the graphic card. So here it can be useful, before buying a video game, check if your graphic card is in line with the parameters required by the latter. In this article we will show you how to check graphic card on Windows 10.


Windows 10 device management

One of the easiest and fastest way to see the graphic card of your PC is to use the Windows 10 Device Manager. First, look for “Device Manager” in the Windows search bar, and then click on the result. Once this is done, the appropriate window will open containing all the devices mounted on your PC. Once you click on the Display item, you will be able to know the name of the device mounted on the PC in your possession.


Another useful tool that can help in this area is DxDiag. The latter allows you to discover the compatibility of your system with the various DirectX released by Microsoft. To use DxDiag you have to press the Win + R keys at the same time, then in the window that appears, type “dxdiag” and click OK. Having appeared a new window, you must click on the Display tab and immediately look for the box dedicated to Device, on the left side of the screen. Here you will find the name of your graphic card and the amount of RAM you can use.

System information

Another way to know the name of the graphic card installed on the PC is the System Information tool. To exploit this tool you will have to search, in the search bar of the Start menu, “System Information” and click on the result appeared. In the window that will open you have to expand the Components section by clicking on the “+” symbol. Once this is done, you will need to find the Display item in the list. At this point, in the right part of the screen, you will see various information regarding the video section of your PC appear, including the name of the video card mounted.


GPU-Z is a software that allows you to access various information on the video card mounted on your PC. In addition to making known the model of video card mounted, it also allows you to obtain other information, such as the amount of dedicated RAM, the operating frequency and the various operating data. It also allows you to discover fake GPUs, ie counterfeit graphic cards and sold as new ones.


Another very interesting software, able to help you in discovering the name of the video card mounted on your PC, is Speccy. The latter provides the same information as its above-mentioned competitor, but with a different graphic. Speccy in fact allows you to have a complete overview of the characteristics of your PC, simply moving between the various tabs of the program; in this way you will be able to discover all the components of your PC.

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