Anthem – Crafting materials Guide

Anthem gives the player the possibility to create objects using crafting materials: here we explain where to find everything that can be useful.

Anthem has a very varied and colorful flora and fauna and you probably wondered what all the things you find during Expeditions or Free Play are. Well, know that what you collect is useful for producing objects.

One of the first missions that will be assigned to you, Lighting a Fire, will ask you to find three Ember. You will then have to find three pieces of this material and bring them to good purpose, which will then become a seller of cosmetic items.

Each material has a degree of rarity that influences what you produce. Once unlocked, you can purchase the materials or obtain them by dismantling equipment or looking for them on the map (the choice is yours!). To produce an object, go to the Forge and select it. If you have the necessary materials, start the production, otherwise get them as explained above.

In addition, each weapon has a challenge associated with it which, once completed, will give you the opportunity to produce an enhanced version of the same weapon. The same happens with regard to the various components of Javelin. In addition, by completing the missions or going around, you will find projects, useful for producing better equipment.

Recall that Anthem will come out on February 22 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One and is currently available for PC players members of Origin Access Premier.

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