How to check and control PC temperature

Controlling the temperature of the PC can be absolutely essential to avoid overheating or malfunctioning of some components of the computer or its cooling systems, act quickly can prevent irreversible damage.

In our guide we will discover the best software to control the temperature of the PC, some are more complex and functional and are able to monitor the temperature of other components such as the GPU, the motherboard, the activity of the fans, etc …

Recall that a high temperature may also be due to a driver problem and not necessarily mechanical, so it is good to monitor and analyze well the cause of any overheating and the programs below are used for this purpose.


Speccy was created by the Piriform software house, already famous for its CCleaner, also in this case we are faced with a complete program, able to show a hardware list with the temperatures of all components, including motherboard.

This is a diagnostic software rather than an intervention, mainly used to make a general check on the internal temperature of the computer, but does not allow to act on the problems.

The graphical interface is very simple and intuitive, allowing the use of the program even to the less experienced, compatible with Windows.

Among the temperatures displayed we have the motherboard, the CPU, the GPU and the Disks.


CPUID HWMonitor is a program that records in real time the temperature of the various components present inside the computer with Windows system.

The information released is sufficient to guarantee the safety of the machine, warns the user against possible overheating or unexpected mechanical faults, which can cause irreversible damage.

In addition to temperature, data on the voltage and speed of the fans are provided; CPUID HWMonitor manages the most common chips, reads modern CPUs, measures the temperature of HDD and GPU, it is a complete and easy to use solution, thanks to the easy-to-understand interface.

Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is a fairly simple program that allows you to monitor in real time the maximum temperatures of various components of the computer, showing them on the screen, and is also able to act as a server to work through the network.

This software is compatible with the Windows operating system and with Linux, with the first one having to have .NET installed on the system, with the second one needing the Mono framework.

Essential interface, very intuitive, as usually happens for this type of software.

The temperatures displayed are those of the CPU, the GPU, the disks and the motherboard.

Core Temp

Core Temp is a program designed to control the temperature of the PC very compact compatible with Windows, the file is light and the installation takes place in a few minutes, like other software like that, allows you to control the temperature of the CPU.

The temperature of each individual core in the processor is shown and is compatible with most of those mounted on desktops and laptops.

It is a very essential program, which is limited to giving information on the CPU, but it does so in an efficient and detailed, releasing a series of useful data to get an overview of the general situation of the system.

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