How to Choose Online Casino Bonuses

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Unlike the brick and motor casinos, online casinos have more games to offer. Because of the competition, many renowned online casinos and game developers create various ways of luring customers. One of the leading attractive offers is the online casino bonuses. You can learn about the different types of bonuses at

Using a bonus is one significant way you can save your money while having fun. You can also use a bonus to take a risk or try out a new game instead of risking your hard-earned dollars. Besides, you don’t have to worry about losing since it’s free money while using a bonus.

Online casino bonuses are of various types. You can gain much from them if you choose the right ones. Unfortunately, many gamers don’t know how to choose the right online casino bonuses. If you are one of them, this guide will help you. Check out the following tips;

How to Choose Online Casino Bonuses

1. Check the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

Most online casinos have aspects they hide in their terms and conditions. Usually, many gamers tire along the way while reading the terms. As a result, they end up signing up for bonuses without reading the entire conditions.

According to experts, it’s wise to skim through all the vital sections of the terms and conditions you want to sign in to. You will be able to understand essential factors like;

  • Withdrawal limits
  • When to receive the bonus, such as after a specific number of plays
  • Promotion restrictions

The above factors are usually not clarified while the online casinos advertise their bonuses. That’s why picking bonuses blindly can affect your enjoyment.

For example, some online casinos allow you to bet a limited number of times. You may misuse your bonuses by betting anyhow. Knowing the terms and conditions of any bonus will help you utilize it maximally.

2. Investigate the Bonus Validity Period

Bonuses come with an expiry. If the time ends up without you withdrawing the cash, it becomes invalid. There’s a set period to use your bonus. It ranges from some hours to months. If you go for bonuses with a short expiry period, you may need to use it frequently on the game. As a result, the risk of loss becomes high.

For example, some online casinos expect you to play limited several times per day to access a bonus. It’s essential to keep yourself updated with the latest trends on online casinos to know when good bonuses are on offer.

Consider a bonus with enough time to use and cash it.

3. Check on the Wagering Requirement of the Online Casino

Online casinos offer different wagers to generate profit. They, therefore, put in place wagering requirements the players need to meet to access various bonuses. Mainly, the requirements direct you to play a specific number of times before turning your bonus into cash.

For example, an online casino can demand you play 50 times to claim a $50 bonus. It translates to betting $2500 before withdrawing your bonus. The only advantage is that online casinos offer a high payout percentage than physical casinos.

Other online casino wagering requirement includes;

i. Game Bonus Conversions

They indicate how each game determines the wagering requirements.

ii. Conversion Caps

They limit the amount you can withdrawal per bonus.

iii. Check the Eligibility of the Online Casino in Question

An online casino may not be eligible despite offering attractive bonuses. Gaming on an insecure and unauthorized online casino may be risky. Before playing on one, determine its legal status. The best way is to check its license.  

Investigate whether its license is from the government or any other independent legal entities such as;

  • Malta Gambling Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission

If either of the above bodies has licensed the online casino you want to game on, your safety is assured.

4. Investigate Whether the Bonus is Ideal for Live Games

If you love playing live games with other players, it would be best to choose bonuses applicable while gaming live. Some bonuses are limited to playing the regular games on the platform only.

For optimal usability, it’s better to go for a bonus you can use while playing on the site and when you go live with your friends.

5. Check the Games with Bonuses

Not all online casino games come with bonuses. Before logging into a casino platform, investigate the games that qualify for a bonus. It wouldn’t make sense to sign up for a game without bonuses.

While choosing the games with bonuses, it’s also crucial to consider if you like and know how to play them. Choosing a game with a bonus will not benefit you if you don’t enjoy or know how it’s played. In the end, you’ll end up in losses and being bored.


Online casino game bonuses benefit both the gamer and the casino. You enjoy more money for betting, which in turn increases your chances of winning. The owners of the online casinos also maximize their profits by many people signing into their platforms.

But to enjoy optimal benefits from online casino game bonuses, you need to consider the factors discussed above.

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