How to choose right Headphones types for you

There are several types of headphones, each with its own design and specificity: there are the small and portable, the big and high quality ones, the ones that more or less isolate the ambient sounds and offer very different experiences.

Here you can check which type of headset is right for your taste.

Headset types [learn how to choose the ideal model]

What are the types of headphones?

Regardless of brand or sound quality, headphones fall into four basic categories. Let’s get to know each one:

1. Earphones

They are the simplest type, which usually comes with cell phones and audio devices. They are small, light and fit the ears reasonably, but do not isolate the sound. Therefore, they allow it to leak and allow the user to hear ambient sounds along with the music. They are best suited for those looking for practicality without spending too much.

2. In-Ear Earphones

Also called “in-ear,” these are the headphones that come with those erasers of various sizes so that they fit directly into the ear canal. They are also small and lightweight, but their design allows sound to be better isolated and not leaking, also eliminating outside noise. Because it is used within channels, it can annoy some users and is not very suitable for street use as you will not hear the sounds that surround you when walking.

3. Supra-earphones

The supra-ear or out-ear headphones are the larger ones, usually fixed with a bow and positioned over the ears, but not fully covered. Because of this these headphones do not isolate sound, but are less fragile than earbuds. Sound quality tends to be better than the first two and closer to the next on the list: circumaural.

4. Circumaural Headphones

For a long time, the synonym for “headphone” was the circumaural headphones, also called “over-ear” (around the ear). These headphones fully cover the ears and completely isolate the sound, offering a better sound experience, even with larger and better components. On the downside, these headphones are quite large and complicated to carry, and are usually the most expensive.

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