What is Hackintosh : why to use and how to install in Windows

Hackintosh is any computer other than a Mac set up to run macOS, a procedure that Apple hates but hackers, onlookers, and people wanting to save a few bucks often do. Learn more about Hackintosh, why make one, and where to start installing macOS on your PC.

What is Hackintosh? [3 reasons to do]
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What is Hackintosh?

A Hackintosh is, as its name suggests, a non-Apple computer (derived from the IBM-PC architecture running Windows or Linux ) properly prepared or “hacked” to run macOS, the Mac operating system or “Macintosh”, The original name of the apple computer category, hence the name.

Originally, macOS could not be installed on non-Apple computers, but that changed in 2005, when the company switched PowerPC processors to Intel’s, which are present in PCs. Although Apple anticipated and implemented defenses along with When Intel launched the first Macs with the new chips in 2008, hackers were able to create the first Hackintoshes at the same time.

3 Reasons to Build a Hackintosh

Check out the 3 main reasons that lead a person to set up a Hackintosh:

1. Control over configuration

As long as your computer uses macOS-compatible components, you can build a machine that meets all your needs, with more or less RAM, powerful processors, or recent-generation video cards, not limited to the specific configuration of Macs

At the same time, the user can update their Hackintosh whenever it becomes outdated or starts to slow down, something that is not as simple or even possible with Macs.

2. Lowest cost (in terms)

Let’s face it, Apple computers are very expensive. Even the once-considered “inbound” models, such as the Mac mini line, are now sold at uninviting values and the setting is usually not that high. With a Hackintosh, you can build a similar machine at a lower or more powerful price for the same price.

Still, depending on what you want to do, the costs will still be high: a Mac Pro-based Hackintosh (2019) can cost about $500 less in the basic configuration, but it’s still a tremendous investment to build. one from scratch.

3. Building a Hackintosh is a Learning

While the process of building a Hackintosh is simpler today (thanks to Apple providing macOS downloads for users who want to upgrade their Macs by doing clean installations), it’s not at all easy. In general, the user needs to have intermediate to advanced computer skills, specifically dealing with hardware and software.

Programming skills are not required, but they can help.

The user will have to choose by hand which parts are compatible to build a Hackintosh or to determine if a laptop is capable of running the apple system or not; You also need to configure the BIOS and boot system, among other things.

For this reason, building a Hackintosh from scratch allows the user to learn more about computer maintenance and to know his machine from end to end, the knowledge that can be applied in other activities in the future.

How can I run one?

First and foremost, you need to know which components Apple has approved for your Macs in order to purchase the same parts or laptops that contain them. Not every Intel processor PC is eligible and the user should be aware.

A good tip is to check out Hackintosh.com, which lists all the components that can be used to build your own PC to run macOS.

Is Hackintosh against the terms of use of the software?


Apple does not allow ( subject to the terms of purchase of the software ) that macOS be installed and run on non-Mac computers, even in virtualization cases; to build a virtual machine with the operating system, only on Mac.

In the past, Apple has fought (and won) long court battles with companies that sell Hackintoshes, but has never sought to punish consumers who create their own hacks at home by simply adding new layers of security to compatible components and macOS. In the end, it’s a cat and mouse race.

So building a Hackintosh is a process that is entirely up to you and unsupported, although it can be a complicated, instructive and even fun experience.


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