Improve the sound quality of your headphones

You have purchased a new pair of headphones after having found an excellent offer on the Internet but, once tried, you have noticed that the sound performance is not very satisfactory. Before proceeding even with the return, we will explain in this guide how to improve the sound of the headphones using some suggestions to be implemented both on PC and on smartphones and tablets.

How to improve the sound of headphones
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How to improve the sound of headphones on a Windows PC

If you have a Windows PC, you can improve the sound output of your headphones by going to manage the audio settings proposed by the operating system. To access, simply right-click on the volume icon in the notifications area at the bottom right, choose Speaker configuration and then click on Advanced configuration.

In the next step, select the headphones with a left mouse click and then press the Properties button at the bottom right. Through the screen that appears, click on the Enhancements tab and then use the items shown to improve the sound output from the headphones. In particular, the Bass Boost option allows you to improve the quality of low frequencies, Headphone Virtualization allows you to create a surround effect while Loudness Equalization allows you to adjust the intensity of the sound on all frequencies.

In addition to this, for each proposed option, it is possible to adjust the effect by pressing the Settings button. Once you have achieved the desired result, remember to first click Apply and then OK to confirm the changes. If the sound quality has not changed, try restarting the music player, disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones or turning them off and on again.

In addition to the default settings offered by Windows, there are some computers that offer a dedicated audio management panel and other features that can be activated. For example, you can enable the Windows Sonic for headphones option or, if required, Dolby Atmos for headphones. The first allows you to improve the sound performance of movies and video games through the 7.1 virtual surround effect while the second allows you to optimize the sound, making it more powerful, realistic and enveloping.

In addition to the above, we advise you to update the sound card driver on your computer using Windows. To do this, carefully follow the steps below:

  • Click with the right mouse button on the Start button and choose Device Manager from the menu that appears.
  • Once this is done, press on the arrow present before Audio input and output and right-click on the item Speakers (eg Realtek R Audio Speakers).
  • Through the proposed menu, choose Update Driver and then click on the item Automatically search for an updated driver to allow Windows to automatically search the computer and the Internet for a more updated driver for the device. In case of a positive outcome, follow the instructions proposed to proceed with the installation.

How to improve the sound of headphones on Android

If you use a smartphone or an Android tablet to listen to your favorite songs, then you can improve the sound on your headphones using either any settings implemented by the device manufacturer or third-party applications downloadable from the Google Play Store.

For example, if you have a Samsung device equipped with One UI, you can take advantage of the appropriate options in the Sounds and Vibration menu (accessible from the Settings by clicking on the gear on the home screen, in the drawer or by pulling down the notification curtain).

Through the proposed screen, press on Advanced audio settings and then choose Audio quality and effects. The setting that we advise you to activate is that of Dolby Atmos (if available) by tapping on the appropriate switch. Once this is done, always from the Audio Quality and Effects screen, press Equalizer, choose your favorite preset from the predefined ones or select Customize and manage the various controls.

As a third-party app, various solutions can be found on the Play Store. However, we recommend using Equalizer. This is a very popular app on the Google market that allows you to manage volume and bass very easily and apply really special effects.

Once the installation is completed from the Play Store, tick the box regarding the privacy policy and press Start. After that, give consent to the equalizer to record audio by pressing Allow.

At this point, from the main screen of the application it is possible to adjust the volume through the dedicated bar, to manage the increase of the bass and the virtualizer through the two knobs and to adjust the general equalization through the 5 levers. Alternatively, you can choose a preset by scrolling through the list at the top (eg ClassicDancePlate and so on). Successfully complete the change, click on Open your favorite music player and select the desired player to start listening to your favorite music (eg Spotify ).

Alternatively, other applications are available such as Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume and VirtualizerBass BoosterEqualizer: bass amplifier, volume or Headphone Equalizer – Music & Redefined Basses.

How to improve the sound of headphones on iPhone and iPad

Just as seen on Android, even on iOS you can take advantage of the default settings implemented by Apple that some third-party applications.

If you don’t want to install additional software, then grab your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings by clicking on the gear in the iOS home screen and then choose Music. After that, corked of EQ section Playback and choose one of the preset profiles (eg. Reducing high, Reduction lowHip Hop etc.).

Alternatively, among the many applications on the App Store, we suggest you try Equalizer – offline music. According to the developers, this is the best music equalization app available for iPhoneiPad and iPod touch.

Thanks to the various presets available, it is possible to manage the audio in just a few simple steps and adjust the bass as you wish. Also available a paid version that allows access to additional features by purchasing a monthly subscription at a cost of 2.99 dollars (with 3 free trial days) or the annual one from 16.99 dollars.

If Equalizer – offline music didn’t satisfy you, then you can try other solutions like HighStereoFlacbox or Equalizer +.

How to improve the sound of headphones on Mac

In case you have a Mac, you can check the audio settings related to the headphones by simply accessing the System Preferences (by pressing on the gear in the Dock ) and choosing Sound from the window that appears. Alternatively, you can take advantage of some applications. We advise you to try SoundSorce and Sound Control.

How to improve the sound of the headphones via DAC amplifier

After using all the solutions in the previous lines, you realized that unfortunately the audio quality has not yet reached the desired level. In this case, we advise you to buy a DAC headphone amplifier that allows you to optimize the sound through hardware conversion and using dedicated equalization features.

Please note that this type of product is compatible with both wired and Bluetooth headsets.

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