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In this article, we will give you some tips that can help you choose the best browser for your smartphone or Android tablet an essential application for smartphones and tablets.

To choose the best browser for smartphones or Android tablets there are various factors that come into play. The major factors are the person who is using it and the device.

Browser reliability

The first essential factor to consider when choosing best browser for the smartphone or tablet that runs Android is reliability.

With the word reliability, I do not mean only by the popularity, the number of installations and the age of the application – which may already be a positive sign regarding reliability – but also:

  • The frequency of updates, which adapt the browser to the latest web standards and increase its security;
  • The number of positive reviews and the veracity of the same, which can also be useful to see if based on the smartphone or tablet the browser is fine.


Trusted browsers

Here are some reliable (personally tested) browsers for Android smartphones and tablets. The link leads to the Google Play Store:


Features of the device

The best browser for an Android device may not be for another Android smartphone or tablet, it much depends on the technical characteristics of your device.

The amount of RAM and the speed/type of the processor are the two main components that influence the fluidity and speed of the browser on Android smartphones and tablets.

For example, Google Chrome runs faster than any other browser on my Android tablets but for my phone, Samsung browser works better than Chrome probably because it is optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices and Samsung Nexus, even if my smartphone is faster than the tablet.

Making this article simple for everyone, even for those who cannot / do not want to check technical specifications etc., I say that the easiest way to test the perfect compatibility of the browser with the device is to test different browsers.

Before doing so, I suggest you to finish the article as you may find something else interesting.

Usage preferences

Taking into account the technical specifications is essential for the choice of the best browser for an Android smartphone or tablet, it affects a lot the experience of use,  as I said before. However, also how you want to use it to browse online is essential .

In theory, the user preferences are more important than the technical specifications of the device, in practice, if you like the features of a browser but it is not fast because your device does not support it very well then user preferences are less, you have to do a compromise.

After trying all the browsers see which works better, in case you like a browser but it is too “heavy” for the specifications of the device then I would like to advise you to choose mini versions of browsers.

For example, you can choose Opera Mini, Dolphin Mini, Firefox Focus and another lite browser such as these.

I would like to inform you that it could be uncomfortable to use mini browser for those who don’t like to login again and again as these browsers don’t allow you to save passwords and your login IDs. But these are privacy friendly.

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