Best Android and iOS Apps to Manage Your Smartphone Addiction

Nowadays we do everything on our cell phone, don’t we? We take photos, play games, talk to friends, work, study and so many other things.

But sometimes you may end up getting addicted to the smartphone to the point of not being able to stay away from the device and it’s not good for our health.

To solve this problem, I’ve explained some applications that help to stay away from the cell phone for a while. Have a look:


Available for Android

The app can measure the time you spend using your phone and how much of that time goes to each application or function.

After that, it will show some statistics to inform you if you are exaggerating in technology and measuring your progress!


Available for Android and iOS

The application has a very nice proposal: you need to plant a virtual tree, but to grow it, you need to stay without using the cell phone for 30 minutes.

If you do not control yourself and enter to check out the social networks or play that little game, the little plant will wither and you will lose the challenge.


Available for iOS

This application also deserve a try. It monitors the usage time and how many times the smartphone has been unlocked. And the cool thing is that you can set a limit if you want.

Focus Lock 

Available for Android

If you need a more radical solution then you will like this one. It allows you to block apps for a certain amount of time and does not allow you to access these apps until the time runs out.

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