Technology evolves every day, doesn’t it? So many things that were true a few years ago, do not work anymore nowadays. Come here and let’s see myths and truths of technology that you may not know:

1. Do you use your cell phone while charging?

Truth! It’s common for us to use the cell phone while it’s charging, but that’s not good, is it? Use while charging can cause a temperature increase in the unit and damage the battery.

2. Leaving the phone in the socket for long time can damage the battery?

Myth! In the past, cell phone batteries could be “addicted” when they were recharged for a long time, reducing the life of the device.

But now it is not so! Modern smartphones have a lithium-ion battery, which is much more resistant and does not suffer from this problem.

phone connected to socket

3. Does Rice help fix a cell phone that fell into the water?

Truth! Rice is a product that absorbs moisture, so if your cell phone has fallen into the water, you can put it inside a pot with lid with enough rice inside. But be careful not to let rice into the appliance, okay?
phone in water

4. Should not we turn off the computer every day?

Myth! It’s not cool to leave the notebook or computer on standby or hibernate forever, see? When the computer shuts off, it takes time to make updates to the system and you still preserve some components, such as the fan – which keeps the machine cool. Also, when it’s off, it saves more energy!
turn off

5. Closing applications on your smartphone increases battery life?

Truth! Mobile phones have a background update function that keeps some applications running even when they are not being used on time.

This is the case with social networks, email and location applications such as Waze. So if you close these apps, it will save you a good battery! In the case of social networks and email, they will continue to update and receive notifications if you do not disable the background update function, okay?


6. Need to do the recharge battery of a new phone before using it?

Myth! If you just bought a new cell phone, you do not have to worry about doing the first recharge of the battery before you start using it. This does not affect the performance or life of the device!
New phone

7. Do not let the cell phone battery run out completely?

Truth! As much as the new batteries are not addicted, it is also not good to let the cell phone off for lack of power.

This is because today’s batteries work with charging cycles and every time you leave the battery runs out, it loses an entire cycle, so much so that the manufacturers’ recommendation is not to let the load reach even 20%.

phone out of battery


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