How to spy on whatsapp messages in Android

WhatsApp has made great efforts in security and some time ago it started to use chat encryption by default, which prevents any attackers from intercepting messages exchanged via this platform.

However, there are still several methods to find out something about a person’s habits through WhatsApp: for example if you are a private person who cares about your privacy, one of the first things you can do is disable sharing the last seen.

Hide the last login on WhatsApp

Hiding the last access from WhatsApp is simple: the first thing to do, of course, is to open the Settings (by clicking on the three dots at the top right if you use Android, or on the last tab with the gear on iPhone). Once inside the Settings, click on Account, then on Privacy.

Here you will find several menus, useful for hiding their information to other users: what interests us most, Last seen, is the first item: just click on it and, from the popup menu that opens, select None.

Before disabling the sharing of the last seen, remember that the operation is mutual and, in doing so, you can not even see what time a contact was last connected.

To hide the last seen just set None from the appropriate setting for privacy. Moreover, always from the Privacy menu, you can manage the options for sharing Profile Picture, Description and Status: just as for the last access, this information can also be shared with everyone, with anyone, or only with their own contacts.

If you are a private person, it may be a good idea to select My contacts, so as not to show any name, status and profile picture to any strangers who may be adding you.

How to spy WhatsApp from Android

However, despite what has been said so far to hide the last access, due to the very nature of the application, it is always possible to spy a WhatsApp contact via Android, track every time the software has started and even receive a notification when it connects.

As you probably know, WhatsApp always reports when the contact you are writing to is online, even if he has chosen to hide the last seen: for this reason, you can “spy” the accesses of any WhatsApp contact knowing the number.

Just thanks (or would it be better to say due ?) Of the function that shows when someone is Online, which you can not change in any way, apps allow you to keep track of when a user connects to WhatsApp: one of these is WhatsAgent.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.wa.whatsagent]

It is an application for Android that works remotely (without any need to touch the victim’s phone) and does exactly as mentioned so far: once started, allows you to enter one (or two) numbers to be monitored and send a notification when the person connects.

Once the app is launched for the first time, after accepting the terms of use, it will ask you directly to enter the name and number of the person you want to “spy”. After having typed them, just click on the Follow button to find yourself on the main screen.

After entering the number, WhatsAgent will track all the times that the contact is online. WhatsAgent is free for a limited time but to continue using the service you need to pay $ 9.9 a month or $ 5.95 a week.

In addition, for subscribers, you can also use another function, which is undoubtedly the most creepy of all: you can add a second number to keep under control and see the graphs comparing the activities of two users by clicking on the button below Compare Activity.

This system was designed to understand when two users are chatting and, with a little imagination, to understand if the contact we want to “spy” has a relationship with another person.

As you may have guessed, spying on a person on WhatsApp is all too easy : on our part, we can understand the desire to use the function that allows you to receive a notification when the contact is online (after all, it can be convenient to start a sudden communication), but we advise against all our readers to exploit similar tricks to spy on a user (or, even worse, to compare the activities of two people).

Human relationships are based on mutual trust, and not on subterfuge: with this article we wanted to make us understand how easy it is to monitor a user’s activities on WhatsApp (it could happen to everyone being spied!), But we advise against using WhatsAgent or any other software to spy on loved ones.

How to avoid being spied on WhatsApp

As you may have already understood, there is no way to prevent someone from spying on the last time you logged in and, unfortunately, there is no advice we can give you except to leave WhatsApp.

As we have already explained, there is no way to avoid this kind of tracking and the only possible alternative is to rely on other instant messaging platforms, such as Telegram.

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  1. Bro, is there any way to spy on Same network device’s WhatsApp?? E.g Such as spying on WhatsApp of devices connected on same WiFi. I have read somewhere and forgot about it.

    • Yeah You can easily do it from an Android phone using apps like zANTI 2 and Network Spoofer.

      You can redirect them to custom website, you can dump the pictures they search and the websites they visit etc. All this is free of cost.

      But there is a great way to control someone else’s phone using Premium methods such as TheTruthSpy. All you need to do is pay them some bucks and get an apk file (TheTruthSpy.apk) installed on your victims phone and you are on with it. Then after your can start to spy their phones completely.

      TheTruthSpy also gives free service which allows you just to spy for Call Logs and SMS.!!


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