Clean the iPhone microphone : Fix Microphone Problems

Have you just started a call but cannot the interlocutor hear you perfectly even though you are talking right next to the microphone?

Ask Siri where is the nearest stop but the voice assistant does not answer?

At this point it is certain: you may have problems with the microphone, but rest assured today I will explain how to solve them!

I’m not here to tell you that the best solution would be to send your device to service if it is still covered by the warranty.

In case it was not, however, we could try to perform a less technical and more domestic cleaning, do it yourself.

Preliminary operations

First of all make sure that it is not a cover to create obstruction.
If this is not the case then you need to understand where is the microphone of your device, do not worry you will not have to understand, you just consult the official Apple website that has a section dedicated to the technical data of the device from the bitten apple.
For convenience you can use the image you find below!

Once you have identified the position of the microphones along the shell of your iPhone, take a microfibre cloth or a brush (you absolutely avoid objects from the abrasive surface or that could create scratches on the body of the device) and a lot of patience.

Has the problem not yet solved? So let’s try some software solution, that is to say some solution related to the virtual and not physical sector.

Possible software solutions

It may be that this is a problem encountered only in certain situations, we isolate the affected area by following this procedure.

Go to the camera app and record a short video, bring the volume up and watch, or rather listen, what you have just recorded. Do not you hear the sound of your voice?

It could be a mistake in the version of your iPhone, in that case you will not have to wait for the release of a new version, if it were not so then you will have to resort to strong ways by bringing your iPhone to authorized centers. All unfortunately will involve an expense, each will act according to their own discretion.
You could try to replace the microphone from you by buying the piece on Amazon or eBay and doing the operation, but it is quite risky especially if you do not have the right equipment (so order also a kit suitable for repair).


If you really can not solve the problem and temporarily do not have the possibility to spend money for the repair, you can temporarily adopt the following alternative:

Use the earphones, so the audio capture will be moved to the microphone of the earphones, obviously this would limit the efficient and timely use of the smartphone but as I told you, it is a temporary solution.

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