How to clean laptop dust from screen, keyboard and fans from inside

How to clean a laptop from dust, on the screen, the fans inside, the keyboard

As summer is coming and temperatures are rising, it’s time to do some cleaning.

How does heat related to cleaning?

A computer inevitably gets dirty with use.
Dust accumulates and obstructs internal components, particularly in the fan area.
This forces the fans to spin faster to cool the internal components that get damaged at high temperatures.

This is true for desktops and, above all, for laptops where electronic components are smaller and their overheating can ruin or break them.

Below we see the main instructions to clean a laptop/netbook/notebook/laptop/ macbook, referring to another article the guide on how to clean the dust inside the computer fans and other components.

The cleaning methods may vary depending on the model and the brand so it would be advisable to check the instruction manual of your laptop if something does not return from this guide.

1) Switch off and disconnect 

First of all, before starting cleaning, switch it off, disconnect it from the mains and disconnect any USB or other cables.
If possible, also remove the battery to reduce the risk of shock or damage.

2) Keyboard 

To clean the computer keyboards, not just the portable ones, the ideal is to use a can of compressed air by shooting air between the keys to remove dust and debris that have crept in between.
With a normal keyboard you could overturn and slam a little to let the dirt fall. With a laptop, of course, this can not be done so you just have to tilt it and spray the compressed air.
Any dust residue can be cleaned with a soft brush.

3) External part 

If the computer looks a little dirty outside, you can use cotton swabs or a cotton swab and alcohol to clean again between the keyboard keys.
The buffers should only be wet and not wet.
For normal plastic, on the other hand, normal wipes are sufficient.

4) Screen 

To clean the screen of the laptop you can use a microfibre cloth which is then the one used to clean the glasses.
To do a better job you can use a home-made solution by adding equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water (or normal water) in equal parts by spraying a little on a soft cloth (not on the screen).
With the cloth then you can clean the screen.
It is better not to use the products to clean the glass on the LCD screen of the computer.
In fact, some of them can contain ammonia or alcohol that could leave indelible marks on the monitor, so better not to risk it.

5) Fans 

The fan is the hardest and most important part of the computer to clean.
In fact, dust accumulates here that can damage the inside of the computer.
Then turn the notebook over and look for the air intake on the side.
At the air intake, you should see a panel that can be unscrewed, inside which there is the fan.
If it were not there, maybe there is another panel or you are using a computer that is not easy to open and you have to look at the instructions.
Use the compressed air cylinder on the fan to blow off the dust.
Use short and gentle puffs to avoid damaging the fans or other internal components of the laptop.

When everything is clean, put the battery back on and turn on the computer and be more confident that, even if the summer heat is hot, there will be no overheating problems.
This, of course, if you are careful not to make mistakes like using the laptop by keeping it on your legs or on the bed by obstructing the air intakes.

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