Do you care about the security of your WhatsApp account? Here are some tips to safeguard the privacy of your conversations and to keep the threat of hackers at bay

On the fact that WhatsApp is among the most used apps on smartphones, there is not the slightest doubt. The reason? The instant messaging par excellence has in fact revolutionized the way of communicating. Often, however, we underestimate the fact that we exchange information of a certain importance and sensitive data. For this reason it is important to know how to protect WhatsApp from hackers. Here are some useful tips.

Premise: the role of end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp

Let’s say immediately that, in defaut, WhatsApp protects all conversations, chats, voice calls and video calls, with end-to-end encryption that can not be disabled even by hackers. However, this system alone does not guarantee the highest level of security of shared information on the instant messaging application.
Here, therefore, what to do.

WhatsApp and scams

Today, scams on instant messaging applications, unfortunately, are widespread. The chains of Saint Anthony, the links and attachments sent both by contact accounts of your knowledge and by fictitious organizations and false companies are a real threat. Never ever click on it if you are not sure.

Check the encryption of WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp uses the end-to-end encryption system by default, it is always good to check in first person if everything is in order. This especially after sending sensitive data or working documents. What to do? First click on the name of the recipient of the message and then on “Encryption“. At this point you will see a page, where you will be shown the encryption code. You can verify this by comparing the numbers and asking the person with whom you are interacting to acquire the QR code. Alternatively, you can scan the contact code with the “Scan Code” key.

Enabling security notifications

When a laptop or phone accesses an existing chat, both the sender and the recipient receive a notification from WhatsApp, where they are used that the security code has changed. Naturally for both devices. It is always necessary to set this function which, in general, is set by default. The path to follow anyway is “Settings“> “Account“> “Security“. Finally, simply enter the flag in the “Show security notifications” box.

Verification in two steps: maximum security level on WhatsApp

If you want to protect your privacy, enable 2-step verification on WhatsApp.

With two-factor verification, hackers will have no chance of attacking your WhatsApp account. Directly from the settings, click on “Account ” and then on “two steps Verification“: then enter the 6-digit code and associate it preferably with your e-mail account. This is important because if you forget your PIN, you will be able to reset it.

Disabling cloud backups

There’s no doubt that cloud backups are useful on WhasApp, because they allow you to recover old chats. However, these conversations are not protected by end-to-end encryption. As a result, it is wise to opt out of the cloud backup service. On Android, follow the path “Chat“> “Chat Backup“> “Backup to Google Drive“> “Never“. On the iPhone, however, is “Settings“> “Chat“> “Chat Backup“> “Auto Backup“> “Off“.

These all are our tips in reference to how to protect WhatsApp from hackers.


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