Are you sick of clean and do you always love everything? Surely you will be interested to know how to clean the keyboard of the Mac if you have an Apple computer with a lot of dirt on it.

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Preliminary operations and what to use

Before proceeding to the actual procedure to clean the keyboard of the Mac, it is necessary to carry out some simple preliminary operations in order to avoid malfunctions and breakdowns and purchase the necessary equipment to better face the whole operation. First of all, if you own a Mac, a Mac Pro or a Mac Mini with a keyboard connected via a USB cable, disconnect it from the USB port.

If you use a Magic Keyboard, turn it off by pressing the special power button on the side for a few seconds. If it is a keyboard powered by batteries, remove them from the compartment on the side.

If you want to clean the keyboard of a MacBook, however, turn off the computer by clicking on Turn off in the menu accessible by clicking on the Apple logo at the top left in the menu bar of Desk. Then disconnect the handset from the electrical outlet and the power cord. In addition to this, remove any USB devices connected to other ports, stickers, protective films and other similar things before cleaning.

At this point, we can see all the objects to be found to carry out the cleaning operation at best:

  • Compressed air can to be used to remove the dirt on the keyboard.
  • Soft cloth microfiber, deerskin or chamois.
  • Bowl with a little water to moisten the cloth.

In case you do not have this material, you can buy them in a specialized store or online on Amazon, eBay and so on.

How to clean the keyboard of the Mac

If you have a MacMac Pro or Mac Mini, you can clean the USB keyboard or Magic Keyboard very easily. The first thing to do is to grasp the soft cloth and gently wipe it over the entire surface of the keyboard. In the event that there are halos and/or other dirt, moisten it with a little water and wipe again.

If you see the dirt between one key and the other, use the can of compressed air to eliminate it. If you have used the dampened cloth to clean the Mac keyboard, wait a few seconds before using it to allow it to dry properly. To learn more, we suggest you refer to the appropriate Web page on the official Apple website. Alternatively, use YouTube to find a video that shows you the whole process.

How to clean the keyboard of the MacBook

If you have a MacBook, open the laptop and place it at an angle of approximately 75° to best perform the cleaning operation. At this point, use the can of compressed air to spray the air on the keyboard or only on the affected keys until you reach the desired result. Then, gently wipe the soft cloth over the entire surface of the keyboard.

As seen on Macs, in case of more intense dirt and/or stains, moisten the cloth and rub it on the desired point. In this case, be very careful not to pass on delicate parts like USB ports. If you have used the dampened cloth, wait a few minutes before turning on your MacBook. Also in this case you can refer to the page linked a while ago or to YouTube.


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