The normal HDD have now lost to their popularity, replaced more and more by the SSD. Solid-state drives are much better performing than normal hard drives, but they cost much more than their old siblings. However, it is really worth buying an SSD to give your computer an edge and improve the overall performance of the system. With the NVMe SSDs huge steps have been taken regarding speed and size. It is good practice to check the status of your unit so that you are always aware of the health of the SSD.

In this guide we will explain how to see the health of an SSD in Windows 10 in a few steps thanks to special programs.

Check the health status of an SSD

As we mentioned earlier, there are some software available that allow you to check the health status of an SSD or HDD. These software allow you to view other features such as the interface, the serial number and the temperature of the unit under examination. In this guide we offer you the best software that allows you to see the health of an SSD or a HDD.


CrystalDiskInfo is definitely the best software that allows you to monitor the status of your memory units. In the main software screen, you can view the health of the unit under consideration. If the word “Good” is mentioned, then it means that your SSD is in good health. In some cases, if the unit manufacturer allows it, you will be able to view the health percentage and total amount of data that has been written to the SSD.
The program offers many features, such as the ability to monitor the temperature of the device. You can download the software by going to the CrystalDiskInfo page and selecting the version you prefer.

Open Hardware Monitor

This is a really good software, which allows you to get information about your SSD and the various components of your computer. The software does not need any installation and, once started, you can expand the menu related to the unit to be examined and check all the information provided.

In the Levels section, you will be shown the percentage of health left over with the words Remaining Life. Furthermore, you can also check the total amount of data that has been written and read. Open Hardware Monitor also allows you to analyze some parameters of the processor and the video card, such as the temperature and the load of the various cores.


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