Turn off or restart a blocked Apple Watch is the topic we will discuss in this new guide today dedicated to all the owners of the bitten apple smartwatch who have encountered problems during operation.

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How to shut down or restart a blocked Apple Watch: standard procedure

The first solution that we propose to shut down or restart the Apple Watch in case of blocking is to follow the standard shutdown procedure. Refer to the steps that we propose below:

  • Keep the side button pressed until a slider with the item Shut down appears on the small display.
  • Now swipe from left to right on the Power off button to turn off the Apple smartwatch.
  • To turn on the wearable, always keep the side key pressed until the logo of the bitten apple appears.

In the event that the wearable device is in the charging phase, you will have to remove it from the charger because it can not be restarted when it is charging.

How to shut down or restart a blocked Apple Watch: alternative procedure

In the event that the smartwatch does not respond or you can not turn it off following the instructions just a while ago, then you need to try to force it to restart. All you have to do is hold down the side key and the digital crown for at least 10 seconds and release them both when the Apple logo appears on the display. Be careful not to perform a forced restart while the Apple Watch is being updated.

What to do in case of problems

If after performing a simple reboot or a forced restart and the Apple Watch does not turn on, try charging it for about 30 minutes using the original charger. If there is a red lightning on the dial it means that the battery level is low or the device is not recharging.

If no icon appears, however, it means that your smartwatch has some problems. In this case, contact Apple to request assistance to customer service offered by the Cupertino colossus.


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