You must necessarily send a large video on WhatsApp to your work colleagues but you do not know how to do it? I know you noticed that WhatsApp does not accept videos with dimensions exceeding a certain limit, so? You will necessarily have to reduce the video and then send it. That’s why I want to show you how to compress videos for WhatsApp with Android and iOS.

If you have made the video with your smartphone or already have a large video on your PC the only way to send it with WhatsApp and reduce it through the use of apps or professional software. Unlike Telegram that allows you to share files and videos with unlimited duration, compressing videos for WhatsApp is necessary if you want to avoid sending videos that will never arrive.

WhatsApp allows you to send files up to 100 MB on Android, 128 MB on iOS and 64 MB with WhatsApp Web.

Compressing a video to send it with WhatsApp is simple and does not require great computer skills. If you have any video on your PC, you can use the Avidemux program, if you’re using an Android smartphone I recommend Video Compress, while if you look for an app to compress video to send it on WhatsApp with an iPhone, you can try Video Compressor. But let’s see in detail how the above mentioned applications work.

How to compress videos for WhatsApp on PC

Avidemux is software that allows editing of videos in minutes. Its video editor has been developed to allow cutting, filtering and coding operations. It is a multiplatform dedicated to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Avidemux is compatible with the most important video formats, such as AVI, DVD, MP4, MPEG and ASF and its simple and intuitive interface allows its use even for less experienced users. Once installed on the Windows 10 PC to compress video for whatsapp from a PC, all you have to do is start it and open the video from File> Open.

Then select the portion of the video you want to crop using the A and B buttons to choose the initial and final part of the video (cut and sew). If you do not want to import audio too, just go to the Audio menu and choose Select track, here you have to deactivate all the entries that are on Activate. In Video Output, on the left of the main screen, you can select a codec in the list to compress the video you’ve reduced and save it as a file. In this case I recommend HEVC ( x265 ) or MPEG AVC (x264).

By clicking on Configure, right under Ouput Video, you can act on the quality indicators to further compress the video. The other options are for the final video size and the average bitrate in kbps.

The last section, bottom left, Container output allows you to choose the type of container. I recommend Mkv Muxer to get an MKV video supported by Windows 10.

After completing the configuration process, go to File> Save to create the video to share on WhatsApp. When the Encoding window appears, set the Priority to High to speed up the video creation process.

Avidemux allows you to compress video for WhatsApp even on Mac OS X, with which the iMovie home software, can compress video at will.


How to compress video for WhatsApp iPhone

Video Compressor, by Mel Studio Apps, is the ideal app to compress videos to send to WhatsApp if you have an iPhone or iPad. This is a free app that compresses videos recorded by the Camera app, reducing file size to over 70%. Supports video compression from Full HD resolutionto 720p, VGA and low resolution. The only limitation is that you can not compress videos with a duration that exceeds 10 minutes.

After starting the app, upload the video and with the indicators at the top reduce the video. At the end compress it at 720p, with the appropriate button, to maintain the quality, and delete the original that occupies space unnecessarily. Video Compressor is ideal for movies shot at night or in the dark.

If you do not want to download an app and you’re not demanding, you can also reduce the iPhone and iPad video size by going directly to the settings of the Apple mobile device. Scroll down to the Camera item. After tapping on it, you’ll see a panel where you can choose video settings and manage the quality of slow motion. You just have to do your experiments on Record Video and Record Slow Motion and find the best resolution for the videos you want to send.


How to compress videos for WhatsApp Android

Video Compress is a free app that reduces the size of a video for Android. Its quality is to allow you to exceed the limit imposed by WhatsApp on the size and length of video files, giving you the ability to compress, and then exchange, video without losing quality.

With this app you can indicate the exact size, in megabytes, of the video you want to have after compression. Open Video Compress and select the video to be reduced from one of the locations identified by the app (Facebook, WhatsApp, Camera, Downloads, etc.). After selecting the video, stop on Compress video, in the app menu, and choose one of the many formats between High QualityLow Quality and Custom. In the latter you can choose the percentage of video resolution and the Bitrate.

Then press the Compress Video button and wait for the conversion process to complete. You can also set the grayscale and remove the sound.


How to compress videos for WhatsApp online

To reduce the video size for WhatsApp online, you can try the VideoSmaller service. All you need to do is upload the video you have on your PC from a browser by pressing the Search button. Select a video, making sure it does not exceed 500 MB. and set the Video resolution parameters and if you want Use low compression level. For a better reduction of the heaviness of the video file, you can also check the item Remove audio from video to remove the audio.

At the end press on the Upload Video button and wait for the completion of the process to get your video compressed online. VideoSmaller supports MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV video formats.