GDPR and WordPress: Best Plugins to Adapt GDPR

GDPR is easy to integrate with all sites created with WordPress there are several solutions to adapt easily, quickly and free. Here are best plugins

GDPR and WordPress: The Best Plugins to Adapt to the Regulation

The GDPR, the new regulation that aims to protect personal data, has affected everything and even those who have a site made with WordPress must take action as soon as possible if it has not already done so.

To meet us there are several plugins for WordPress that allow you to adapt to the GDPR in an easy and fast and with a few settings, clicks and even free, we can protect our users’ data so that they do not end up in the wrong hands as web marketing agencies and various data collection.

We have collected two of the best WordPress plugins to adapt to the GDPR easily.

Best plugin/extensions for GDPR on WordPress

Cookie Notice for GDPR (Download)

The first plugin for GDPR is the one I prefer and I use on all the sites I develop. It’s easy to set up and allows you to create custom banners and buttons but also give the user the opportunity to reject third-party cookies and deny previous permissions.

In short, Cookie Notice for GDPR of dFactory is among the most complete and is also free without subscriptions and renewals and is easy to use and set up.

GDPR Cookie Consent (Download)

Then there is GDPR Cookie Consent developed by WebToffee that unlike the previous one you can insert a banner with the classic buttons Accept or reject in order to direct the site visit by users with or without cookies.

Customizable in graphics, shortcode support, enable automatic acceptance of cookies with a scroll of the page by the user, section Cookie List where you can add one and add the page of the Privacy Policy.

Free but in the Pro version, pay $49, we can manage categories of cookies, show a pop-up to allow the user cookie individual to accept or reject, scanning site looking for cookies, delete certain cookies based on user’s location and block only some cookies such as Google Analytics or Facebook.

GDPR on WordPress: Conclusions

These are free with basic functionality so you can manage the GDPR in complete freedom without spending money.

Do you know other tools to customize cookies both free and paid as plugins or manual implementations? Write it in the comments and we will add it to the article.

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