How to connect iPhone to PC : All methods

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You need to transfer some files to your iPhone but you can’t connect it to your computer. In this new guide today, we at Teknologya will explain specifically how to connect iPhone to PC through some solutions.

How to connect an iPhone to the PC via iTunes

The first solution that we recommend to use to connect your iPhone to your computer is to use iTunes. This is the popular management software designed by Apple that also acts as a multimedia player.

The program arrives pre-installed on Macs and for PCs equipped with Windows it can be downloaded from the Apple website by clicking on the button Get it from Microsoft to download it from the Microsoft Store or proceed with the standard download by pressing on the Windows link under the heading Looking other versions? and then pressing the Download 64 bit button that appears at the top.

Installing iTunes on a Windows computer is of fundamental importance as it also installs the drivers to correctly connect the iPhone. Once this operation is complete, connect the device to the PC using the Lightning cable, wait for iTunes to open automatically (if it does not happen, double-click on the link) and then confirm the pairing between the computer and the terminal by pressing Continue on PC and Authorize on the iPhone.

Now you are ready to transfer your favorite files. For example, to enable the automatic synchronization of the music library of the iPhone with that of iTunes, press on the top of the phone in the upper left corner of the iTunes window and then press on the item Music in the Settings section. After that, check the Synchronized music item and choose whether to synchronize the entire music library or just Playlists, artists, albums and selected genres. To start the synchronization process, remember to click Apply bottom right.

Alternatively, iTunes allows you to manually synchronize only some songs of your interest by pressing Summary in the Settings section and activate the option Manually manage music and video in the Options section. Remember to save the changes by pressing the End button at the bottom right. After that, press the Music item in the On device section and drag the songs you want to copy to the iPhone in the window that appears. All tracks copied will be available through the ‘Music app for iOS. As for the videos, you can follow the same instructions but by selecting the Video item from both Settings and On the device.

If you want to copy photos from your computer to the iPhone via iTunes, press the Photos item from the left sidebar of the Apple program and then activate the Synchronize photos option. After that, choose the folder containing the images to be synchronized through the dedicated drop-down menu. Once the All folders and Folders options have been activated, you can choose whether to copy only the selected folders to the iPhone or even the sub-folders present in the main one.

Through the File Sharing function offered by iTunes, you can copy any type of file directly to the apps installed on the iPhone. To do this, choose App in the Settings section of iTunes and then press on the app where you want to copy your favorite files through the File Sharing screen. The files in question will have to be dragged into the Documents box of the application name.

How to connect iPhone to PC

How to connect an iPhone to the PC via File Explorer

As an alternative to iTunes, you can connect your iPhone to your computer and transfer photos and videos using File Explorer, the file manager in the Windows operating system. All you need to do is connect the iPhone to your computer using the Lightning cable provided and then open File Explorer by pressing the yellow folder icon in the taskbar or using the Start search field.

Once done, tap on the item This PC/Computer from the left sidebar and double-click on the iPhone icon. In the next step, double click on Internal  Storage (internal memory) and do the same thing later with the DCIM and 100APPLE folders. At this point, identified pictures and videos on the computer that you want to copy from ‘iPhone and make a simple drag and drop or use the key combinations Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Import Images and Video feature proposed by Windows. To access, always press This PC/Computer as indicated above and right-click on the iPhone icon and choose Import images and videos from the menu that appears. Through the window that opens, make sure that the option Preview, organize and group the items to be imported is checked and then press Other options to access the additional settings. In the window that opens, use the drop-down menus for Import images in and Import video in and choose one of the proposed default folders. Alternatively, click Browse to select a folder manually.

In addition to this, you can decide with which criteria to assign the name to the folder and to the same file and choose whether Open File Explorer after importingDelete the file from the device after import or Rotate the images during import by applying or removing check the appropriate entries under the Other options section. Remember to confirm the changes by pressing OK. At this point, you can complete the procedure by pressing Next. Alternatively, you can proceed immediately with the import by choosing the Import all new items now option and pressing on Import.

As for macOS, instead of File Explorer, you can use the Finder and follow the same procedure while in the second case you can use the Apple Photos app. After connecting the iPhone to the Mac using the Lightning cable, open the Photos app and press on the name of your iPhone from the left sidebar.

After that, choose Import new at the top right to import all the new photos and videos on the iPhone or press on the thumbnails to select them and choose Import Selected. Alternatively, on macOS you can also take advantage of the Image Capture app in the Other folder on the Launchpad.

How to connect an iPhone to the PC via wireless

The third solution to connect your iPhone to the computer is to use the wireless mode. To activate it you need to connect the device to the computer using the Lightning cable, open iTunes, press on the smartphone icon in the top left corner, choose Summary from the Settings section and click Apply to confirm the changes. From now on, it will be possible to copy files and manage applications simply by using the Wi-Fi network on which both the iPhone and the computer are connected.


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