Are you PlayStation 4 owner and driving games enthusiast? It will surely interest you to read our guide today in which we can easily explain how to connect the steering wheel to the PS4!

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Steering wheel PS4: the best to buy

During the purchase phase of a steering wheel for the Sony console , two things are taken into consideration: the price and the features offered. Most of the steering wheel compatible with the PlayStation 4 on the market can be easily connected to a table or a desk to use it at best together with the pedals placed below.

One of the features to take into consideration during the purchase is the Force Feedback support. In particular, this feature simulates the actual steering behavior of the car you are driving depending on the stress and speed achieved. In other words, through the vibrations emitted by the PS4 steering wheel, you will feel the slightest impact or variation of the steering wheel.

To make the virtual driving experience even more satisfying, there are some models that implement the clutch pedal inside the pedal board, the gearshift knobs and even custom steering wheel covers.

How to connect the steering wheel to the PS4

After buying the favorite steering wheel according to your needs, it’s now time to connect it to your PlayStation 4. Since each model has its own specific connection procedure, we will try to be as precise as possible. However, we always recommend that you refer to the user manual supplied as a reference.

In general, before connecting the steering wheel to the Sony console, you need to select PS4 through the selector that is usually on the back of the steering wheel (next to the LED indicators) or in the middle of the steering wheel. In this case, we suggest you take a look at the instruction booklet to identify it.

In the case of the PlayStation 4, you will need to move the switch to the PS4 mode to take full advantage of all the buttons and accessories in the supported games. Once these steps have been completed, all you have to do is start the race game as the steering wheel will be recognized automatically.


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