Best voice assistants for Android phone

The screen readers have become one of the most used functions by users, thanks to the actions that are able to accomplish. They have the goal of simplifying the use of the smartphone as much as possible by the user through voice commands and gestures, which allow access to certain functions of the device in a few seconds. In this article we will show you what are the best voice assistants for Android.


Google Assistant

The Google Assistant was designed by Google to allow users to interact with their Android devices. It is able to assimilate user behavior and then respond better to the needs of the latter. The user can also interact with the Google Assistant by voice, pronouncing the phrase “Ok Google“. With voice commands, you can send text messages, make calls, search, set the alarm and much more. In addition to voice commands, you can interact with the Google Assistant by long pressing the Home key.


Bixby, introduced by Samsung on S8 and S8 +, is one of the best voice assistants for Android. The latter adapts and learns the user’s needs to ensure an optimal user experience. The voice assistant of the South Korean giant is able to detect the voice optimally and is able to perform even the most complex commands, integrating quick commands to formulate requests faster.


Developed by Microsoft, Cortana is a voice assistant available for both PCs and tablets and smartphones. The latter offers faster processing and response than all other voice assistants available. Unfortunately there are no basic features; nevertheless, the most used functions such as making calls and sending messages are very efficient.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a voice assistant for Android that, through voice recognition, allows interaction between the user and the device. The voice assistant works perfectly and interacts optimally with some of the most used features on smartphones.

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