What does “Content not available on Facebook” mean? What does this message mean? We try to find out and clarify

Facebook content not available

New day, new article dedicated to Teknologya users. Today in particular we return to talk about Facebook, the social network par excellence that more and more often creates problems for its members.

What does “Content not available on Facebook” mean?

Many users have written to me recently pointing out that, while trying to browse on Facebook and maybe watching videos or browse certain photos, they came across this error message.

Even trying to reload the page several times, the problem was not solved and the message continued to appear.

Even trying to open the page with other internet browsers or to re-login on Facebook, the situation did not change.

So how do you solve this error message on Facebook? What to do when “Content not available on Facebook” appears?

I’m sorry to tell you, but when you see this message on Facebook there is little to do, indeed nothing.

It means that Facebook has removed the content you are looking for and then you can not see it anymore.

Or it means that the person who uploaded that photo, video or post on Facebook has deleted it.

The juice, however, is that you will not be able to see that content on Facebook since the person or social network has erased it forever.

I’m sorry, but when you see “Content not available on Facebook” there are no alternatives: the content has been lost or deleted forever.


We have concluded with this new guide on Facebook.

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