Log in to Skype without a Microsoft account

You have certainly heard of Skype, famous for being an instant messaging service that focused mainly on the quality of video calls, launched by Microsoft on the Windows platform, thanks to its great success, it was then proposed as an application for the various mobile operating systems.

If you want to access Skype without a Microsoft account because you do not have one or because you want to try the service before installing it, there is a chance that we will explain it briefly.

We also suggest that you read our article explaining how to use Skype without downloading it, so that you can use the services offered by the program without taking up space on your computer or mobile device.

Using Skype is very simple, you do not need an account and you do not need to download anything, you can chat and make calls or video calls, send photos, emoticons and much more without the software, but you can not save conversations.

How to start a Skype conversation without an account

To start a video, text or voice conversation with your friends as a guest on Skype, you need to log in to the Skype homepage and click on Skype Online.

Enter the name and click Start a conversation, then click Copy link and send it to your friends, if they do not have Skype they can log in as Guest via Skype.com.

All conversations started without a Microsoft account but only taking advantage of the service provided by Skype to try out the features, will have a duration of 24 hours, after which they will be completely eliminated.

So if you want to fully enjoy all the features and possibilities offered by Skype, the advice is to test the service and then install the software or the appropriate app on your devices.

Also, remember that Skype’s Guest conversation is currently only possible on Windows and Mac computers.

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