How to convert HEIC photos quickly on Mac, Windows and Linux

In the latest versions of iOS, Apple has decided to change the default format of photos taken via iPhone. In fact, we pass from a classic “.jpeg” to a more complex “.HEIC”. The aforementioned format is able to guarantee a very high quality of the shot, containing the overall weight of the image. However, this is still not very supported by third-party platforms and for this reason, an instant conversion may be required.

Today we will propose a very simple and fast method, which you can implement on any Mac (and Windows), without the need to download additional applications, but using only the one for the management of the shots already present by default and a very intuitive website.

Convert HEIC files on Mac

All we will need to convert the photo will be: a Mac with the “Photos” app and our “.HEIC” file. The latter will obviously derive, in all cases, from the iPhone. Once you have received the file on your computer, just follow the procedure below.

  • Move the “.HEIC” file sent from the iPhone (via AirDrop, iMessage or other) to the Desktop
  • Open the “Photos” application on Mac
  • Access the “Photos” screen on the top left
  • Drag the affected file from the Desktop to the “Photos” app
  • Wait for loading 
  • Drag the same file from the “Photos” app to the Desktop

At this point the click extension will change automatically and will pass from “.HEIC” to “.jpeg”. Thanks to the latter format, the image can then be used on many websites and applications, waiting for the change from Apple to be welcomed by the developers. 

Convert HEIC files on other operating systems (Windows, Linux)

For those who do not have a Mac, here is the quickest way to convert any “.HEIC” file into a “.JPEG” without having to download any additional programs. It is an online procedure and therefore compatible with any operating system, be it Windows, Linux or macOS. So let’s see how to do it.

  • Open a browser and access the website
  • Click on the green “+” button to the right of the screen that appears (it is also possible to drag files directly to the site and avoid clicking on the aforementioned button)
  • Select up to a maximum of 50 images in “.HEICH” format and continue
  • Wait for the upload and click on “DOWNLOAD JPEG”

At this point the download will start automatically and the converted file will appear in the destination folder of the browser. 

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