How to convert a word file to PDF

Converting a word file to PDF can be very useful for several reasons. One of the main reasons why people prefer to send non-word files but PDF files is to avoid unwanted changes.

In fact, a PDF file cannot be changed by the recipient, and you can also choose to protect a PDF file by means of a password to prevent unwanted entries.

Why choose the PDF format? For different reasons. First of all, the PDF, unlike other formats, can be read with several readers completely free: so it is within everyone’s reach.

The PDF is compatible with any type of operating system, has no limitations of any kind, and is not changed simply because displayed on a different system.

The PDF is essentially safe: if it is modified in any way, it remains tracked. Moreover, as already mentioned, the security of the PDF is due to the fact of being able to set a password, and not least by the possibility of subordinating the sharing of contents to a watermark on the pages. Finally, basically, the PDF file is extremely simple.

How to convert a word file to PDF

This operation is not particularly complex, just follow the following suggestions: it can be done in different ways.

To turn a word file into PDF, you can simply use Microsoft Office. Just install it on your computer (version from 2007 onwards) and then open the document you want to transform. Once done, click on File, in the upper left area of the Menu, and then “Save and Send”.

At this point, just click on “Create PDF document” and make sure that the document actually opens in PDF format. At this point, you click “Save as” and here is the export of the document from one format to the desired one.

A much faster alternative with Office is to open the doc document, click on “Save as” and finally choose the PDF option in the drop-down menu.

If you want to turn a word file into a PDF file for free and you have a Mac, then just use the Preview function in OS X, To do so, choose the document you want to transform, right-click it, select “Open with” and at this point choose “Preview”.

At this point choose the combination of keys cmd + P, click PDF on the menu that appears, and then “Save as PDF”. That’s it, you’ve just turned a word file into a PDF file.

Both on Mac and on PC you can finally use LibreOffice to edit documents. LibreOffice consists of a set of programs available for free in the package, and downloadable for both Windows and Apple computers. Once you have downloaded the program and started LibreOffice, click on Open, select the file you want to convert.

At this point go to the File Menu, click on “Export PDF”, and then Export and Save to complete the document transformation from Word to PDF format.

There are also online services that allow you to convert a word file to PDF regardless of the installation of programs. We are talking about SmallPDF, a program that allows you to convert directly online, in a quick and practical way.

Once connected to the page of SmallPDF, you must drag in the appropriate screen the document you want to convert to PDF.

At this point, loaded the document, just click Download File to get the download, on your PC, of the document in PDF format. This is the way to convert a file from the word format to the ideal PDF format for those who do not want to install programs on the PC or for occasional conversions.

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